About Firefighters Bookstore

To prepare for firefighting, firefighters must do more than arm themselves with the latest firefighting gear. Long before they climb a ladder or spray a hose at leaping flames, they must study, train, and practice to succeed at their challenging—and often times dangerous—occupation. When they receive the right training and education, firefighters and the communities they serve are truly safer from dangerous fires and the conditions they create.

To help firefighters prepare for each aspect of firefighting, Firefighters Bookstore offers professional educational resources for firefighters in all positions, from entry-level recruits to fire chiefs. Whether you plan to be on the front line of fighting wildfires, are preparing to be a pumping apparatus driver for a city fire department, or will soon move to a more advanced position in the fire department, Firefighters Bookstore has the firefighter books and resources you need to succeed.

Unlimited Resources

Firefighters Bookstore offers the most comprehensive collection of firefighter books and resources for firefighters on the web. Whether you are a firefighter in training, working your way toward a higher position in the department, or you need continuing education courses in your area of expertise, we provide you with the materials you need to succeed. We also offer titles of leisurely interest, such as memoirs, novels, and historical studies that provide firefighting themed pleasure reading.

Department Tests

Whether you are just entering the force or on your way to an advanced position, you will likely need to take a test to achieve your employment goals. Firefighters Bookstore provides the study materials you need to pass a variety of tests at fire departments from coast to coast. Whether you are ready to become a first-time firefighter, lieutenant, captain, or chief, you will find resources in our store that help you prepare for the academic tests for achieving the position.

Fire Colleges

Firefighters Bookstore carries a variety of course books from fire colleges across the U.S. If you plan to attend a course at one of these colleges online, in person, or you are simply interested in gleaning information from the firefighter books that go with the courses, we have you covered. In addition to helping you gain educational credits for your firefighting career, reading the latest fire college course books is a great way to stay abreast of the latest firefighting strategies and technologies. 

Subject List

Our subject list gives you access to practically every area of subject matter pertinent to firefighting, from training DVDs and exam prep materials to terrorism and WMD resources and sign language manuals. You will also find a variety of titles that make great pleasure reading while you are sitting in the firehouse between dispatches or having lunch in your office. We also offer gift certificates that can be used for any of the resources found in the subject list.

Get Educated

Regardless of the type of firefighting or firefighting related discipline you wish to practice, Firefighters Bookstore has fire department study guides, training DVD’s, college course books, study software, and variety of other educational resources to help you achieve your goal. We also offer tons of titles that are great for leisure reading when you aren’t on the job. To receive email updates about our new titles, sign up for our free E-News program today.

For more information about our firefighter books and other products, browse through our website, or call us today at (800) 727-3327.