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Date: August 15, 2014 Author: Brandon Winters

Fire supervisors manage their peers in the office and the field. Preparing for the job requires lots of study and passing exams that qualify you for the position. It also depends on preparing yourself mentally for all that being an effective fire supervisors entails. If you are considering making a career advancement to become a fire supervisor, consider whether you would enjoy performing the following duties, many of which are essential parts of being a fire supervisor.

Being a Team Leader

Not everyone likes the spotlight that a leadership position brings, while others relish being a leader. If you belong to the latter, learning effective supervisory management techniques from the study manuals in our store is an excellent option. Our books for fire supervisors help teach them the management techniques they will need to succeed in the field and office.

Being Fair to Employees


Being fair to employees sounds easy, but treating all employees the same can be challenging, especially if some workers have situations in their lives that impact their jobs. Fire supervisors are partially responsible for maintaining morale among the firefighters they supervise. This requires carefully balancing the needs of one firefighter with the needs of another to ensure fair treatment.

Performing Management Duties

Being a fire supervisor inevitably entails performing management duties, both in an administrative capacity and in the field where the action happens. Having previous management experience can help, as some of the principles of management are likely to carry over. Studying a firefighting book about effective supervisory management will help to fill in the gaps.

Promoting Accountability

Part of being fair to employees is promoting accountability. If someone makes a mistake in the office or field, he should be held accountable to the department. Promoting accountability helps firefighters to be meticulous about their job in the field and how they behave in the station. An effective supervisory practices book from Firebooks can instruct you in promoting accountability.

Doing Performance Appraisals

Every so often, firefighters receive performance appraisals that evaluate their job performance. As a supervisor, you are likely to be the one performing appraisals. Performing appraisals is easy when firefighters perform flawlessly, but it can be difficult when negative performance could make someone lose his job. This is why performance appraisals must be handled impersonally. 

Educating New Employees

Bringing new firefighters up to speed requires strict adherence to performance guidelines and patience. Part of educating new employees may take place in the classroom using a supervisory management text to teach individual and teamwork skills, among other things. A willingness to teach and be patient with new firefighters is essential to the educational aspect of being a fire supervisor.

Get Your Study Materials Today

Firebooks carries a variety of study resources that help people attain firefighting positions, including fire supervisor. Fire supervisors have several duties that define their job, especially the ones above, If you enjoy holding leadership positions and supervising the work of others, a fire supervisor could be the firefighting career for you. For help with studying to become a fire supervisor, get an effective supervisory practices book from our online store today.

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