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Date: August 15, 2014 Author: Brandon Winters

Aspiring firefighters who plan to become fire officers and established fire officers who wish to achieve a managerial position need a firm knowledge of supervisory practices for fire officers. Unlike some firefighting skills, learning supervisory practices occurs primarily in the classroom and is put to use in the field. This means that you can learn effective supervisory practices and effective supervisory management skills with the help of training DVDs from Firebooks.

Handbook of Tactics DVD Series

Firebooks offers John Norman's Fire Officer's Handbook of Tactics DVD Series, a collection of DVDs that address a broad range of information that fire officers must learn to become effective supervisors. If you aspire to become a fire officer, this handbook of tactics DVD series is an educational resource you want on your side. The DVDs feature live-action footage, 3-D graphics and narrative shot in high definition. Use the DVDs to learn the following things, among others.

Principles of Firefighting

The DVD series kicks off with the principles of firefighting. This DVD is useful to officers in training and veteran officers who train new members of the department. Principles of firefighting cover basic principles every firefighter must know to combat conflagrations and remain safe. Get this essential DVD for learning elementary firefighting skills from our online store today.

Hoseline Work

When firetrucks arrive at the site of a blaze, a top priority is releasing hoses from the truck and attaching them to fire hydrants. The fire hydrants to which hoses are attached and how they are configured have a major impact on how mobile the hoses are, how forcefully they shoot water and how they can be maneuvered in different directions if the fire takes an unexpected turn.     

Ladder Operations

Ladder operations consist of simple measures, such as using flat ladders to reach the second story of residences to complex measures, such as using an aerial spraying apparatus to extinguish fires that blaze several floors up. Our fire officer books will teach you how to perform basic and complex ladder operations, so you can jump into action when you arrive on the scene.

Residential Firefighting

There are several differences between fighting residential fires and battling building blazes. There are typically fewer people to rescue in a home, the fire usually burns at a comparably low height and the blaze can spread exceedingly fast due to the combustible materials that comprise the frame of inner rooms. Our fire officer books teach you everything you need to know about residential fires.

High-Rise Firefighting

Fires in high rises are some of the most difficult fires to fight. In some cases, an aerial pumping apparatus can be used to extinguish the blaze; while in other cases, firefighters must enter the building with hoses to tame the flames. The fire officer’s handbook of tactics in this series of DVDs thoroughly covers high-rise firefighting and teaches you the tactics you need to succeed.

Structural Collapse

A structural collapse is one of the most dangerous events that can happen during a fire. Fire officers must judge when a home or building is likely to collapse to keep firefighters safe and prevent casualties from mounting. When a structure does collapse, firefighters must know the best approach to extinguish the fire and be able to deal with the contingencies of the implosion.

Get Your DVDs Today

In addition to the subjects above, John Norman's Fire Officer's Handbook of Tactics DVD Series covers size-up, engine company operations, water supply sprinkler systems, forcible entry, ventilation, store fires, terrorism and homeland security and more. This comprehensive collection of DVDs gives you practically everything you need to know about being a fire officer. Get this classic, easy-to-follow learning resource for fire officers from our online store today.
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