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Date: August 15, 2014 Author: Brandon Winters

Pumping apparatuses and the firetrucks that hold them are integral parts of fighting residential fires and conflagrations in buildings. The type of pumping apparatuses firefighters use depends on the characteristics of the blaze. For example, fires that occur in tall buildings or areas that are difficult for firefighters to approach are often fought with aerial pumping apparatuses, which can rise several stories in the air and spray water over several yards to extinguish flames that are out of control.

Like other types of firefighters, aerial pumping apparatus operators must study and pass tests to attain their position. However, a good aerial pumping apparatus driver is defined by more than academic training; the person should also possess characteristics that make him or her a good fit for the requirements of the position. If you are planning to make aerial pumping apparatus operation your career, possessing the following characteristics will only help you on the job.

No Fear of Heights

Operating the pumping apparatus can require you to rise several stories in the air. You stand in a bucket that offers more safety than a standard ladder top. Nevertheless, the view from above can still be dizzying. If you have an intractable fear of heights, pursuing a firefighting position where you spend most of your time on the ground instead of in the air may be the best option.    

Ability to Stand for Long Periods

Depending on the intensity of the fire and where it is located, fighting it with an aerial pumping apparatus can require you to stand for long periods of time, perhaps longer than an hour. Standing isn’t considered physically taxing, but the mental stress of firefighting can contribute to physical exhaustion. Being physically fit, and then some, is recommended for the position.

Ability to Work Under Pressure

Studying a pumping apparatus driver operator handbook to become a pumping apparatus driver operator is quite different from actually holding the position, especially concerning the mental pressure of the work. Pumping apparatus operators are responsible for saving people’s lives and property. If you work well under this type of pressure, this may be the firefighting job for you.

Ability to Leave the Job at the Station

Firefighting is similar to police work in terms of the graphic scenes firefighters see regularly. Like police officers, firefighters need the ability to leave the stress of the job at the workplace instead of bringing it home. Otherwise, the job can simply become too stressful. If you find it easy to compartmentalize the stress of your job, you may have what it takes to succeed at this position.

Start Studying for Your New Job

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