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Date: October 20, 2014 Author: Brandon Winters

Everyone knows that firefighters fight fires. Beyond this simple fact, what firefighters do as part of their jobs and the situations they encounter in the field are shrouded in mystery for the average person. If you are interested in becoming a firefighter and would like to read a firsthand account of what it is like to work in the field, Firebooks carries several great memoirs that firefighters have written to chronicle their exciting careers.

firefighter books Possess Educational Resources

Most firefighter memoirs don’t waste time detailing every aspect of the job from an educational standpoint. Instead, the writer spends most of the book discussing firefighting history, recalling memorable situations, and describing how he or she responded to the situations—and a willing student can learn valuable information from the memoirs. For example, the writer may describe how he or she responded to a critical situation when standard methods for handling the scenario didn’t work. The more information you have and the more familiar you are with different firefighting scenarios, the better off you are in general.

Told by Veteran Firefighters

Most firefighter memoirs are written by firefighters who have served in the department for many years. This adds authenticity to the narrative of the works and lets you know that the information is delivered from a firsthand perspective. Veteran firefighters typically have lots of exciting work experiences to share, and a memoir is the perfect literary vehicle for sharing them. If you are interested in the experiences of veteran firefighters, memoir firefighter books are a great read.

Contain Relevant Material

Firefighter memoirs may be written by veterans of the department, but they contain information about many types of fire equipment and fire fighting procedures that are still used today. This makes them ideal for readers who want the books to double as pleasurable and educational reading. Each of our memoirs is described on the product page—peruse through our online store and choose the firefighter memoirs that best meet your wants and needs.       

Written by Excellent Writers

Expository writing isn’t a skill that most firefighters are expected to possess. However, the firefighters that wrote the firefighter stories in our selection of memoirs can definitely put the pen to the page. Critical situations are described in great detail, and a wealth of personal observations about firefighting is revealed. Our collection of firefighter stories is written well enough to be commercially published whereas many career memoirs are self-published.

Make a Great Gift for Anyone

The firefighter stories in our firefighter memoirs make excellent gifts for anyone who is interested in firefighting and enjoys reading exciting books. They are also great gifts for anyone who wants an exciting read. Many of our memoirs can’t be found in conventional bookstores, and most of our firefighter memoirs have a lower price than they would have in a bookstore. If you are looking for an affordable, unique gift, a firefighter memoir is a great choice.    

Order a Firefighter Memoir Today

Firebooks carries a broad selection of firefighter memoirs that contain firefighter stories from different time periods in firefighting and different career standpoints. Despite their diversity, the works have three important similarities: they make great educational resources for aspiring firefighters, are told by veteran firefighters, and are written by skillful writers. Whether you wish to read them for pleasure or education, get firefighter memoirs from our store today.
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