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Date: October 20, 2014 Author: Brandon Winters

HAZMAT workers don’t receive their jobs serendipitously. They study hazardous materials awareness, go through hazardous materials training, and take an exam that demonstrates their proficiency in handling hazardous materials. If you’ve decided on a career in HAZMAT operations, and you wish to be as prepared as possible for your exam, below are some helpful tips that should make it easier to score well on hazardous material tests.

Get the Right Study Materials

Firebooks carries books that address various aspects of dealing with hazardous materials including: awareness and operations, chemistry, first response, decontamination, and emergency care. There are plenty of HAZMAT disciplines in which you can specialize. Choose the one that best suits your career goals and order the requisite study materials from our online bookstore. Our study resources will help you succeed in the classroom and the field.   

Speak With People in the Field

In addition to acquiring knowledge from educational resources, you can also acquire it by consulting with HAZMAT workers who have spent years working in the position you wish to hold. These individuals can provide anecdotal evidence that will help you give creative answers to essay questions on the exam if the need arises. It is also a good idea to “shadow” a HAZMAT worker to see firsthand what a day in that career is really like.  

Get a Good Exam Prep Resource

After you absorb the information in the study materials, it’s time to test your knowledge of  hazardous materials awareness by taking practice exams. Our Exam Prep: Hazardous Materials and Operations, 2nd Edition contains numerous practice exams, a guide for self-scoring the exams, and page references that connect you with more information about the correct answers. You can keep studying and taking the tests until you achieve your target score.  

Start Studying As Soon As Possible

Studying to become a HAZMAT worker requires you to remember lots of technical information. Therefore, it’s a good idea to start studying for exams as soon as you can. Students who score high on exams often take months to study the material that appears on the exam. Depending on your situation, you make need to take more or less time than others to adequately prepare for an exam. The sooner you start studying, the sooner you will be prepared to score well on the test.  

Target High Scores on Practice Tests

The first time you take a practice exam from Exam Prep: Hazardous Materials and Operations, 2nd Edition, you may not score well enough to feel comfortable taking the real exam. If so, keep taking practice tests until your scores hit the target range. When you reach the target range, you can feel comfortable about taking the official exam. The key is to not become impatient and take the test too soon hoping for a score that is higher than the scores on your practice tests.      

Don’t Fear Taking the Test Again

Any student can fail a hazardous materials awareness test on any given day. Sometimes the problem is not studying enough, but personal situations can also make test taking difficult. Regardless of why you didn’t achieve the score you targeted, don’t be afraid to take the exam again. Some people take it several times before they pass and still go on to have a great career as a HAZMAT worker. There is no reason why this can’t happen for you, too.   

Start Learning Today

When it comes to hazardous materials awareness, HAZMAT workers play an essential role in saving lives and preventing major catastrophes. If HAZMAT work is your career choice, Firebooks has all the educational and exam prep resources to help you succeed in the classroom and the field. Don’t put off your career in HAZMAT any longer—order the books you need to succeed from our online store today.
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