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Date: November 07, 2014 Author: Brandon Winters

You have worked hard to learn the skills and information you need to become a firefighter. Now it’s time to embark on the interview process and look for your first job. Some people are nervous about facing firefighter interview questions, and understandably so. No matter how physically and mentally prepared you are to be a firefighter, you may never get to utilize those skills if you perform poorly in interviews. Below is a list of tips that will help you master your job interview and land a position ideal to your goals.

Use a Practice Resource

There is a lot of advice available online regarding how to pass job interviews, but you should also consult a resource designed specifically for your field. If you need such a resource, Fire Department Interview Tactics is highly recommended. In addition to exploring different interview methods specifically related to firefighting, the text also provides information on resume guidelines and post-interview strategies.

Investigate the Department

Most interviewers expect interviewees to ask a few questions about the fire department and the position for which they are applying. Unless you thoroughly investigate the fire department -- especially in terms of what distinguishes it from other departments -- coming up with quality fire department interview questions will be difficult. Before you attend your job interview, do a few hours of research on your prospective employer, as well as the job requirements associated with the position.  

Dress for the Occasion

Fire fighting is a blue collar job, but you should try to dress your best for job interviews. If you have a nice suit hanging in the closet, don’t be afraid to wear it. Some interviewers interpret casual clothes as a lack of respect for the hiring process. After you become a firefighter, you may never dress as well for the job as you did for the interview. Nevertheless, looking your best for the interview can be a key factor in  making a good first impression.   

Ask Selfless Questions

If your interview is like most others, the interviewer will switch from asking you questions to inviting you to ask your own. As you develop a list of questions, try to create queries that are selfless in nature. For example, don’t ask about how quickly you will accrue vacation time and sick time. Instead, try to stick with questions that deal with how you could best contribute to that particular fire department. Your employer will discuss your benefits after you have the job.  

Follow Up After the Interview

Common courtesy dictates that you should follow up an interview by thanking the interviewer for his or her time, and reiterating your interest in attaining the position. Most interviewees accomplish this with a thank you card or a formal email. Although you may not be the only one interviewing for the position, you can bet that some interviewees won’t do a follow up afterward. Consequently, following up can help separate you from the pack.

Start Preparing Today

If you need help preparing for a firefighting job interview, Fire Department Interview Tactics provides wonderful, in-depth advice. This text will guide you in a variety of ways, from advice on how to answer interview questions to recommendations for post-interview strategies. For more information about Fire Department Interview Tactics, or to purchase a copy of the text, visit our online store today, or call us at (800) 727-3327.

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