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Date: February 15, 2015 Author: Brandon Winters

Firefighters are not unlike police officers: In order to perform their job well, they must mentally prepare for what they experience in the field. For many beginning firefighters, this is easier said than done. There is, however, an excellent book that teaches firefighters how to prepare for the mental aspects of the job: Mental Aspects of Performance, 2nd Ed. According to the text, there are several things that firefighters must mentally prepare themselves to encounter.

Physical Aspects of the Job

Firefighting can be physically taxing, so much so that it can impact you mentally as well as physically. Firefighters who don’t prepare for the mental aspects of performance often experience burnout, and sometimes decide to pursue a different career. By studying Mental Aspects of Performance, 2nd Ed., you can help to prepare yourself for the mental side of firefighting.

Mental Aspects of the Job

Some of aspects of frontline firefighting have to do purely with the mental aspects of the job. Aspects of firefighting that can challenge you mentally include: finding and removing several fatalities from the fire scene, dealing with injuries that you receive while fighting fires, and not being able to extinguish the conflagration before a home or building is completely destroyed.    

Split Second Decision Making

Fires can be unpredictable, so firefighters must often make split-second decisions about how to address the unpredictable spread of fires. Without this knowledge, firefighters are left to use standard firefighting tactics in situations where advanced tactics may be needed. Mental Aspects of Performance, 2nd Ed., will help you become a better split-second decision maker.

Coexisting With Coworkers

Coworkers are often people that you would not associate with away from the job. In fact, you may downright dislike some of your fellow employees. Nevertheless, it is important not to let personal feelings sabotage the report that you share with your department mates, or damage the morale of the entire department. Controlling one’s emotions is an essential part of firefighting.

Giving Public Speeches

If you hold a position of authority in the fire department, you may be required to give public speeches to your peers or the community at large. The thought of public speaking strikes fear in many people, but it needn’t be that way. As with fire fighting operations, if you prepare well for the occasion of public speaking, you should be able to conquer fear and do a fantastic job.  

Handling Disciplinary Matters

No one likes handling disciplinary matters, but if you have a high position in the department, this unenviable task may be a part of your job description. Disciplinary action doesn’t necessarily entail firing employees, but this action may be necessary at some point. When it comes to handling disciplinary matters, the key is to remain highly objective and not become emotional.

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Learning how to mentally prepare for firefighting can be a tall order, but Mental Aspects of Performance, 2nd Ed. will help you do it. Covering subjects that range from “getting along with each other” to improving performance in emergency situations. If you need to prepare for the mental aspects of being a firefighter, the Mental Aspects of Performance, 2nd Ed., will teach you how to do it. Order your copy of this from our online store today!

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