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Date: July 02, 2015 Author: Brandon Winters

As an industry-leading supplier of educational resources for firefighters and firefighting instructors, most of our books pertain to firefighter education. However, we also stock a great selection of firefighting-themed books for pleasure reading. Whether you are a firefighter who enjoys reading about your occupation or a non-firefighter who likes to read about firefighting topics, check out the four titles below that offer hours of information-packed pleasure reading.  

1. I Can’t Save You But I’ll Die Trying

I Can’t Save You But I’ll Die Trying contains essays about firefighting operations and philosophy that have been collected over the course of several years. Packed with more than just entertaining stories, I Can’t Save You But I’ll Die Trying takes a serious look at the elements of firefighting from a philosophical perspective that encourages positive change in the industry.    

2. New York’s Bravest

Unlike I Can’t Save You But I’ll Die Trying, New York’s Bravest intertwines tons of compelling photos with blocks of text to tell a story in pictures. Since the terrorist events of 9/11, the New York Fire Department has become synonymous with bravery in the face of adversity. A great choice for a coffee table book, this text covers eight decades of New York firefighting in photos.

3. Memoirs of a Volunteer Firefighter

Most of the entertaining stories we hear about firefighting come from professional firefighters and other personnel in fire department. If there is one type of firefighter we seldom hear stories from, it is the volunteer firefighter. This is one aspect of what makes Memoirs of a Volunteer Firefighter so interesting. Based on years of experience, the author speaks to the challenges and rewards of being a firefighting volunteer.

4. WTC: In Their Own Words

More than a decade after the terrorist events of 9/11, the catastrophe remains one of the most talked about ones in the field of firefighting. WTC: In Their Own Words records the perspectives of firefighters who participated in the search and rescue effort after the twin towers were attacked. If you are interested in 9/11 from a firefighting perspective, this is a book you should have in your collection.

Like to Read About Firefighting?

If you find the subject of firefighting as engaging as we do, you are sure to enjoy our diverse selection of titles that offer firefighting-themed pleasure reading. The titles above are just a few of the books we carry that fall under the umbrella of pleasure reading. To learn about our other interesting titles, visit the Customer Favorites section on the homepage of our website today.
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