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Date: July 02, 2015 Author: Brandon Winters

Pumping and aerial apparatus drivers/operators play a special role in the fire department. They use their skills to extinguish fires and perform fire rescue operations that occur on the upper floors of large residences and buildings. If you are interested in pursuing the position of pumping and aerial apparatus driver/operator, reading Pumping & Aerial Apparatus Driver & Operator Handbook will provide you with the information you need about the job duties of the position.

Operate the Pumping Apparatus

The pumping apparatus delivers water or other fire extinguishing solutions through a hose that extends the length of the aerial apparatus. Operating the pumping apparatus involves specific duties, such as selecting the right extinguishing solution, selecting the right pressure reading for the solution’s dispersal, and shutting down the pumping apparatus after fires are extinguished.

Operate the Aerial Apparatus

Operating the aerial apparatus also involves a specific set of duties, including: extending the apparatus to the best position for extinguishing fires, extending the apparatus to different levels of the affected structure to rescue occupants and bring them to safety, and expediently shutting down the aerial apparatus after the firefighting mission is complete.  

Maintain Aerial and Pumping Apparatuses

In addition to teaching to you how to operate aerial and pumping apparatuses, Pumping & Aerial Apparatus Driver & Operator Handbook addresses maintenance operations for the equipment. To cut costs, many fire departments prefer to have the driver/operator maintain the equipment instead of outsourcing maintenance operations to a third party service provider.   

Perform Search and Rescue Operations

As mentioned above, pumping and aerial apparatus drivers/operators may be required to use their skills for search and rescue missions that involve fireground operations. Search and rescue often requires the driver/operator to use a different aerial platform than one that is strictly intended for firefighting. The driver/operator should know how to select the right platform.    

Stay Up-to-Date on Applicable Laws

As a pumping and aerial apparatus driver/operator, you would need to remain current on federal, state and municipal laws that govern the use of your equipment. The administrative side of the fire department may provide you with information regarding new legislation and how it impacts your firefighting role, or you may be required to procure this information on your own.   

Pursue Continuing Education

Throughout your career as pumping and aerial apparatus driver/operator, you may need to pursue continuing education requirements to keep your driver/operator license in good standing with the municipality you serve, and learn about the latest strategies for using pumping and aerial apparatuses for fire extinguishment operations and search and rescue operations.  

Is This the Right Job for You?

If you are considering becoming an aerial apparatus driver/operator, you should know about the duties you would perform before you decide to move ahead with your studies. Available from Firebooks, Pumping & Aerial Apparatus Driver & Operator Handbook provides all the information you need about the job duties of the position. Order your copy of the information-packed Pumping & Aerial Apparatus Driver & Operator Handbook from Firebooks today!
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