Children’s Books About Firefighters

The sound of the alarm, the roar of the fire trucks as they spring into action, the cutting sounds of the siren, and the excitement of brave men and women battling the forces of nature—it’s all here in the Firefighters Bookstore’s line of children’s books about firefighters, which brings to life the excitement, the heroism, the history and the human touch to a profession that children have always loved and admired.

Now we’ve made it easier than ever to discover the best of children’s books about firefighters, a collection that’s sure to become a welcome addition to any home.

Education and Entertainment

At Firefighters Bookstore, we’re committed to telling the stories of firefighting while educating children about the hazards of fire and the tactics needed to stay safe when one breaks out close to home. For over 25 years, Firefighters Bookstore has been selling books, videos and software that bring children the complete story of one of man’s deadliest enemies, educating them on its power and causes, and instilling a respect for fire and firefighters that will last a lifetime.

We offer a complete line of children’s books in English and Spanish, DVDs, videos, safety stories, firefighter activity and coloring books, games and software that will stimulate and educate your child. We carefully screen every product to make sure they are age-appropriate and guarantee that our collection will open up a new world of possibilities for your child as you share the excitement and wonder of the world of the professional firefighter.

More Children’s Books About Firefighters

You and your children will be thrilled with the quality, color and real-life action that our children’s products provide. We have books featuring such beloved characters as Curious George, Dear Dragon, Elmo and Arthur; instructional books like “Firefighters A to Z,” “The Way Things Work,” and “Staying Safe Around Fire”; and history lessons on the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, the great Chicago fire and the true story of Smokey the Bear.

Whether you have a firefighter in the family or just want to enrich your child’s experience while providing much-needed education on the dangers of fire, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at Firefighters Bookstore. Our motto is that we are an educational and training resource for heroes, and you’ll join the long line of them when you open up your child’s world to these touching, heroic and fascinating children’s books about firefighters.

Contact Firefighters Bookstore

The Firefighters Bookstore is more than just an online site. If you’re a public education professional that is looking for relevant, quality information on the rescue professions, we’re here to help! We can provide guidance in building a library for children that has everything you need to challenge and captivate young minds on ambulances, earthquake preparedness and other situations that can challenge your family.

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