Fireground Operations Air Management, Safety and Survival

Many lives may be saved with proper fireground operations air management protocols and an emphasis on safety and survival.

Firefighters Bookstore has brought together an extensive selection of the most useful books on air management, safety and survival. Our goal is to keep our emergency responders safe, and part of that task is providing world class knowledge that can supplement existing training in fireground operations air management.

Our Top Sellers

“Firefighter Rescue and Rapid Intervention Teams” by Jim McCormack is taken from the "Firenotes" series. This comprehensive book covers such topics as searching for a firefighter, assessing, stabilizing and packaging a firefighter, rescue and removal techniques, and Rapid Intervention Teams.

“Air Management for the Fire Service” by Mike Gagliano, Phillip Jose, Casey Phillips, and Steve Bernocco (aka “The Seattle Guys”) is the first book dedicated to fireground operations air management. This valuable how-to book features a comprehensive explanation of how to develop and implement an effective air management program for your department. The book offers many comprehensive case studies, including many from international fire fighting departments, and discusses new technology breakthroughs. Particularly valuable are the guest essays from fire engineering program leaders.

“Respiratory Protection for Fire and Emergency Services” focuses on the hazards faced by fire fighting personnel at emergencies and advises on the protections that must be worn. Part I of the book covers selection, purchase and maintenance issues, plus facepiece fit protection. Part II focuses on operational use, user maintenance and emergency scene issues. If you have a respiratory protection program, or are thinking of implementing one, this is a must-have instructional guide.

Vincent Dunn’s “Safety and Survival on the Fireground” offers everything a firefighter needs to know to stay alive, stay safe and get the job done. Every chapter features photos and illustrations that bring home the extreme dangers faced on the job, highlighted by a “Lessons to be Learned” section.  

“Emergency Incident Rehabilitation” by Edward Dickinson and Michael Wieder is a manual that explores rehab operations on the scene, including medical evaluation, monitoring and treatment. This nuts-and-bolts examination of injuries and tactics can be used by any size agency.

“Crew Resource Management for the Fire Service” by Randy Okray and Thomas Lubnau II is an examination of how firefighters react to stressful situations. It offers methods and tools to treat these issues and develop safer and more effective operations, including providing a framework for cultural change in fire departments. The goal is to reduce injuries and fatalities on the fireground by preventing human errors.

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