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Aircraft accidents are a tiny fraction of the world’s daily air traffic. But when they happen, they pose a unique challenge to the aircraft rescue firefighting and emergency first responders, who must deal with situations that call for fast thinking and innovation. 

Adapting to the unexpected situations posed by the aircraft rescue firefighting incident is the major challenge of an airplane accident. Firefighters and other first responders will be dealing with circumstances that are far from routine, and even the best rescue operation may wind up improvising a solution in the face of on-the-ground reality.

The Firefighters Bookstore collection of fireground operations aircraft firefighting offers three unique looks at the situations that may be faced by emergency responders.

Our Aircraft Rescue Firefighting Books

In the “Emergency Response Guidance for Aircraft Incidents Involving Dangerous Goods, 2013 Edition,” readers will get a good sense of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Emergency Response Guidance for aircraft incidents involving dangerous goods. An alphabetical list of hazardous materials with drill codes and data on emergency equipment is included, making it an ideal volume for hazmat training and air transport crew members. The book identifies a proper response drill for each item on the list, a valuable tool for teams looking to minimize risks.

Firefighters Bookstore also proudly offers “General Aviation Firefighting for Structural Firefighters,” a basic training manual that will detail how to manage a general aviation incident. Such topics as the airport environment, communications, aircraft components, field coordination with other agencies and the types of incidents you may face are covered. The text is liberally sprinkled with case studies, providing excellent examples of prior incidents and the way they were handled.  

Another great book on the subject is the “Aircraft Accidents: A Practical Guide for Responders.” This book does a great deal of forensic work on how aviation accidents occur and how to effectively respond.  The book emphasizes local resource assessment and awareness, managing an emergency scene involving multiple agencies, pre-planned checklists, and the medical and safety issues that will be present in a downed aircraft scenario. The book is highlighted with a training scenario that will help teams develop working applications for the text concepts.
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