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Advanced Life Support encompasses the techniques and strategies necessary to save lives in some of the most urgent situations imaginable. From cardiac defibrillation to advanced intravenous cannulation (IV) administration, ALS is astronomically important when it comes to rescue procedures. It requires pinpoint precision and split-second analysis, and making the right calls can quite literally mean the difference between life and death. No pressure, right? Well, if you're considering—or are already engaged in—a career in ALS, you're going to need the right collection ALS books to give you that firm foundation. Whether you're looking for an ACLS book for advanced cardiac life support or perhaps an ALS skills guide to brush up on the fundamentals, the Firefighters Bookstore has exactly what you're looking for.

ALS Books and More

These ALS books are among the most trusted and celebrated in their field. If you need a truly comprehensive ACLS book, you'll want to check out ACLS Essentials: Basics and More, the Easy ACLS Pocket Guide, and Advanced Cardiac Life Support: Certification, Preparation and Review, just to get you started. EMTs and aspiring EMTs will want to start with ACLS for EMT – Basics, and beginners will benefit greatly from Principles of ALS Care. We have many great guides to choose from, and we offer them at competitive prices that are sure to please.

With the information packed into these essential ALS books, you'll learn about airway management, cellular environment, respiratory emergencies, medication recommendations, and of course, all of the current ACLS standards. Everything you need to know can be found within these pages, so stock up now, whether you're just beginning your journey or are looking to continue your education. Save them for use as reference materials or use them to educate others.

Purchase an Industry-Leading ACLS Book

If you're in the business of saving lives, you need to give yourself every intellectual advantage possible. This isn't Pac-Mac, and the decisions you make will generate a ripple effect, impacting not only the individuals you serve, but also their families and everyone who cares about them. Don't be left behind with outdated information or an insufficient understanding of best practices. This is one field where you never, ever want to stop learning.

So purchase an informative, life-saving ACLS book today, or stock up on all of the leading ALS books in our inventory. Get a fantastic deal on a wealth of critical information and be prepared for every eventuality. If you wanted an easy time, you would have chosen a different field -- but you aspire to something greater, and these tools can help you to reach your full potential. Explore the full selection, and please contact us if you have any questions. While you're here, be sure also to check out our many other rescue materials as well. 

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