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Vintage, vintage, vintage!  Thrill to these fireman antiques collections, which display some of the best antique and collectible fire gear in the world. It’s all captured in these lavishly illustrated and historically accurate fireman antiques books available at Firefighters Bookstore.

You’ll spend hours browsing through our collections of the firefighting past. Peruse vintage equipment, hear the tales of the brave fighters who used the gear, and remember a time when firefighting could determine the fate of a city. If you’ve ever wondered how modern firefighting evolved, these are the collections that will answer all your questions.

Our Fireman Antiques Collections

The Firefighters Bookstore vintage collections is led by “The American Museum of Firefighting,” published by the Fireman’s Association of the State of New York, featuring more than 200 pages highlighting the Museum collection in many colorful pictures. This hardcover book measures 12 inches by 9.5 inches, making it perfect for any coffee table.

Fire equipment, apparatus, fire gear, fine art and photographs at the Museum are all captured in this volume. If you’ve never been to American Museum of Firefighting, this book will give you the highlights and perhaps even set plans in motion. Whether you are a family or a student of history, this firefighting collection will engage you with its devotion to the history, culture, service, technology and art of firefighting. It’s the perfect gift for a history or firefighting buff and will astonish you with its probing recollections of emergency crews of the past.

Probing into the Past

The perfect companion book is “Badges of America’s Heroes,” a ccomprehensive history of fire service badges in the USA. Did you know that in the 18th century, badges were very expensive to make and the bearer was held accountable for the badge, so much so that if the badge was misplaced, lost or stolen, the bearer could be tried in court and sent to prison? That’s just one of the fascinating facts in this book.

Almost a thousand badges are portrayed in this coffee table collection, representing nearly every state. The book also serves as a historical record, chronologically documenting the evolution of many city badges, including some of the very earliest models.

This one-of-a-kind book will provide hours of reminisces and discussion among the firefighters and history buffs in your family as they browse the contributions from museums and other collectors. Many unique gold and silver presentation badges are portrayed, and some of the narratives include the historical significance and background information of the badge owner.

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