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The sound of the siren, the clang of the bell, and the roar of the engine are all part of the sound of excitement, and you’ll feel like you’re on the scene with Firefighters Bookstore’s collection of fire apparatus books.

Brought to you by the online store where heroes live, our fire apparatus books collection is the largest in online publishing, boasting a current roster that will detail every aspect of the tools of the trade.

Our Fire Apparatus Books

Our collection starts at the top. “Fire Chief Cars 1900-1997” is a photo history of fire chief vehicles used over the last century. This compilation features 125 black and white photos illustrating the changes from horse-drawn buggy to the utility vehicles of today. Likewise, “First to the Flames: The History of Fire Chief Vehicles” presents photos and details of hundreds of chief vehicles across the U.S. in the 20th century. It also features a pedal-driven car and even an amusement park ride, all illustrated with over 400 photos. These sleek books will entertain the firefighter buff or the car aficionado in your family.

If you’re the type of historian that likes to go way, way, way back, consider “History of the American Steam Fire-Engine,” which is an unabridged republication of a book from 1896. This book is one for the true fans, as it goes into meticulous detail about the manufacturers of the times and provides a rich trove of data and information. There is also “FWD Fire Trucks 1914-1963 Photo Guide,” a collection of the best of the Four Wheel Drive Auto Company, which built its first fire truck in 1914 and continued production into the 1970s. This is the company that hewed to the basics, relying on design principles first developed in 1907 and patented in 1908. Enjoy the rich collection of vintage photos, many of them never-before published.

The internationalist in you will be proud to own “Fire Engines from Around the World,” a photo collection that includes 375 pictures culled from the best international fire engine photographers and more than 165 fire engine manufacturers, including coachbuilders, chassis manufacturers and special appliance makers. This is one of the most complete fire engine histories on the market, offering an illustrated A to Z of contemporary and historical fire engine manufacturers. This is one for the records, as each manufacturer’s history, innovations and specialist equipment are detailed along with technical specifications. You’ll be astonished at how fire vehicles have changed over the years!

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