Bargain Basement - The Absolute Best Deals on Firefighting Books

Bargain Basement

The Firefighter Bookstore Bargain Basement offers quality informative reading for all emergency personnel at deep discounts. There is training and information provided for firefighters, EMT, EMS, and paramedics of all levels from student to veteran. There are also leisure and self-help books starting at only a few dollars that are packed with hours of interesting and constructive reading.

Books Make Great Gifts

Scanning the vast selection of bargains in this section, you are certain to find many books for you and your entire family to enjoy.  If you need a gift for a fellow firefighter for a birthday or fire company milestone, nothing is appreciated more than a hardcover edition of a novel or a boldly illustrated photo collection.   

Firefighters Section

Our Bargain Basement selection offers unprecedented value in training, test preparation, augmenting skill levels, and leadership. We have reading for firefighters in training as well as those who are more advanced. If you are interested in pursuing a career in firefighting or are a highly skilled veteran, there are many choices just for you.  All of these selections are at prices that can’t be ignored. A great place to start building your firehouse library is right here in the basement. Our staff members are pleased to advise anyone interested in creating a station library for their fire company.

EMS, EMT and Paramedics Section

The Bargain Basement section for emergency medical services personnel is filled with books covering everything from cardiac life support to hypothermia to safe emergency driving.  Anyone in the emergency medical field can improve on their job performance and skill level by choosing from this vast selection of books

and manuals. These choices are all being offered at prices that are so low you will want to bag several of them for your personal collection. 

Leisure Section

We call this part of the bargain basement the leisure section because it offers novels to read during downtime or at home. Many are based on real life disasters and news events that took place recently. Some are works by famous novelists such as Joseph Wambaugh.  You may discover books that will inspire and encourage as well as those that are packed with action and drama. Whatever your taste in reading, there is something here for you. Be prepared to discover many titles that you simply cannot pass up.

Self Help, HR and Other Bargains

This section offers a multitude of topics, including self-improvement, guides to accomplishment, influencing people, better health and fitness, understanding rules and regulations, and so much more. There is something here for people of all walks, not exclusively for emergency personnel. This is a great section to pick up a couple gifts for friends or family. Take your time and peruse this diverse section of reading materials that are priced to entice.     

Check Out Firefighter Bookstore

The Bargain Basement at Firefighter Bookstore offers the best quality reading at unbelievable prices. Spend some time and carefully examine the many value-priced selections that we have.  There’s no time like the present to fill up your shopping bag and expand your collection of informative and captivating reading materials. Start shopping online today at!

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