Children’s Books in Spanish

Have a firefighter in the family?  Live near a firehouse?  Need a fireman book for your classroom?  Want your child to know more about the hazards faced by rescue workers or the dangers of fire? 

You’ve come to the right place. At Firefighters Bookstore, we specialize in bringing the exciting world of firefighters, EMTs and other rescue workers to life. And the best news– we feature children’s books in Spanish and English.

Firefighters Bilingual Bookstore

For the first time, Firefighters Bookstore is offering children’s books in Spanish to help your children grow and understand the world of firefighting in a language they are comfortable speaking, listening to and hearing.

Presenting “Un Carro De Bomberos Grande y Rojo” (aka “The Big Red Fire Truck” in English), a first reader in Spanish designed for those at a first grade reading level. It contains 41 different words that are repeated often to help your young reader develop word recognition and a love of reading. This simple primer tells the story of a big red fire engine and the marvelous things it does.  This fireman book is great for those whose native tongue is Spanish, or you can work with your child and build those important bi-lingual skills. 

Share the excitement with your child as they thrill to the magic of a big red fire engine in action. The book is so vibrant you’ll almost hear the roar of the engine, the screaming siren and the adrenaline of rushing to save people and property from fire. It’s also an important tool in beginning the discussion with your child on the hazards of fire and presenting the facts in a non-threatening way on what to do if one ever breaks out in the home or elsewhere.

Grow Your Family Library

This book and others planned for our Spanish language collection are sure to be treasured in your home for years to come, opening up a new vista for youngsters as they begin the adventure of life and start to consider what they might become when they grow up. Role models are important for young children, and our children’s books in Spanish will help them consider the traits that make up a heroic occupation like firefighting and rescue work. 

Excellent Customer Service

The Firefighters Bookstore has been in the business of education and training for over 25 years. Our mission is to teach young children through our books, videos and software that bring out in colorful detail the complete story of fire and the brave men and women who battle it. It’s a lesson your child will relish, making an impression that will last a lifetime.

Call us today at 714-375-4888 or email with any questions. We value your time and want to make shopping with us the best experience possible. We use VeriSign on our secure website so you can shop in confidence.  All orders placed before 4:15 p.m. Pacific time are shipped on the same day, so you can order this week and begin enjoying your children’s books in Spanish a short while later. We at the Firefighters Bookstore stand ready to bring you a world of enjoyment and education.

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