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Collapsing structures are just one of the constant dangers faced by emergency responders, so knowing the keys to safety and survival on the fireground is one of the most important training lessons in the profession. Whether you are a full-time professional or a volunteer this collection offers valuable information that will help you think fast and take the appropriate action in a crisis. You will learn to recognize the signs of imminent collapse and instantly be able to analyze the problems created by certain kinds of construction.

Construction code officials will find these books particularly enlightening and valuable, as they point out the potential dangers of certain kinds of buildings as seen through the eyes of trained disaster professionals and advise on how to maintain safety and survival on the fireground.

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Firefighters Bookstore has amassed multiple titles, the largest online collection of books devoted to the issues surrounding building construction and first responders. These are must-reads for anyone interested in what can happen when buildings are ablaze or unstable, covering such fireground safety topics as general collapse, building design and construction, masonry wall collapse, sloping peak roofs, parapet walls, wood floors, flat roofs, stairway collapse and more.

Two standouts from our collection that you may consider:

In “Building Construction: Methods and Materials for the Fire Service,” author Michael Smith emphasizes the principles of building construction and the impact it has on firefighting strategy. The author has experience in the fire service and construction industries, offering in-depth analysis of building materials and construction processes. Most valuable are actual incidents taken from the author’s background and case studies of other building collapses. No professional should be without this book.

Similarly, author Howard J. Hill’s “Failure Point: How to Determine Burning Building Stability” tells first responders how to recognize collapse dangers for different types of buildings and construction. This wealth of information focuses on such key elements such as key signs of imminent fire-induced collapse, preventing injuries to operating personnel, how building codes affect collapses, and other important fireground safety features. The book also meets Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education requirements for the building construction and fire protection course.

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Firefighters Bookstore is the world’s leading resource for information on emergency situations. For over 25 years, Firefighters Bookstore has presented its books, videos and software to the emergency responder community, presenting vital information that may save lives.  

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