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Firefighters Bookstore is pleased to bring you firefighter calendars by the 17-year veteran firefighter Paul Combs. Combs works as an editorial cartoonist for Fire Engineering Magazine. The classically-trained, award-winning illustrator has published a collection of works called Drawn By Fire. This amazing selection of 156 fire service, editorial cartoons stands as a powerful reminder that the job that firefighters and fire officers do, is a serious one, while capturing the various elements of fighting fires in a true-to-life way. Paul's talents have been lauded as insightful, honest, and passionate and able to provide a new and exciting perspective on different topics that include safety, training, politics, culture, and leadership. Combs' work will make you think and make you cry.

Combs' unique experience as a FireFighter II, MREMT-B, Hazardous Materials Technician, Fire Officer I, and Ohio Fire Instructor, combined with his talents as an artist and illustrator, make him an unique and convincing voice for the industry. Combs blends classic realism with off-the-wall imagination in his caricatures. We offer Combs' 2013 firefighter wall calendar, Featuring 12 editorial cartoons hand-picked by the artist himself. This calendar is a definite must have for the fire station!

Monopoly is easily one of America's most popular board games. It involves the strategy of buying and trading properties, building them up, and then renting them out to opponents. Depending upon the skill level of each player, it’s possible to either be driven into bankruptcy or win the entire game.

If you don't own a copy of monopoly, then now is the time to get yours. Even more new and exciting is Monopoly EMS Edition, where you save lives in order to become the top responder! Based on the original, the EMS version requires you to utilize all of your service expertise in order to beat your opponents, who are equally qualified to take over the winning title. By the end of the game, whoever takes ownership of the most EMS Stations and Hospitals, gets top billing.

Challenge your Monopoly skills again! Honoring the police and law enforcement sector of society, the makers of America's most popular board game, invite you to play Monopoly Law Enforcement Edition.

Following the same concept as the original, the goal is to buy, sell, and trade your properties, as you attempt to take charge of all of the game's headquarters and precincts. Hope that Lady Luck is on your side, as you avoid doing jail time and ruining your reputation as a cop or go completely bankrupt if you land on too many of your opponents' properties. If you purchase enough of your properties, you could very well put your competition out of business. The winner becomes Officer of the Year.

Firefighters Bookstore is dedicated to your pleasure and entertainment and pride ourselves on being a complete source of books, videos, and firefighters calendars. Carrying products from over 100 different publishers, we hope to be a one-stop shop for all of your needs. Browse our full selection today.

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