Fire Chief Books - Command, Management, Strategic Planning

Hail to the chief! The fire chief, that is.

Firefighting is a noble profession that requires extensive training, knowledge and commitment. For those who lead the dedicated teams of firefighters who protect our communities, the required knowledge base includes not only understanding the chemistry and dynamics of a fire, but also the underpinnings of true leadership in crisis. A small job, it’s not.

It’s true; the job of a fire chief is a complex and demanding one. It requires an understanding of people, of group dynamics and of how to motivate to bring out the very best in a team. All these talents must be kept in play, even in times of crisis and chaos. That’s because a fire chief must ultimately lead a team that’s being asked to save lives during often catastrophic conditions.

A fire chief must also take part in ongoing training and education in order to stay at the top of his or her game. The fire chief section of Firefighters Books™ is dedicated to providing a wealth of educational materials geared towards a fire chief’s ongoing education, and they're also ideal for anyone who wishes to learn more about the details and dynamics of this truly compelling profession.

Firefighting professionals will find a fascinating selection of books here that have everything needed to educate and illuminate. The book selections fall into four key categories, including: Command, Management, Strategic Planning, plus, a Chief’s Experience, Wisdom & Wit.

Choose from selections like Command and Control of Fires and Emergencies, a very readable overview of the life and death decisions that go into danger management during a fire. The Management section includes selections like Risk Management in the Fire Service, which includes an overview of process, and key steps in risk management implementation.

For strategic planning, look for selections like Standard Operating Procedures and Guidelines with a wealth of material on how to design guidelines for refining a department’s operations effectively. For the inside view from the Fire chief’s perspective, take a look at selections like Tom Brennan’s Random Thoughts. This highly entertaining book from a true fire fighting legend provides key insights as well a very different view of the firehouse, from someone who has been there.

For fire chiefs and firefighting professionals at all levels who are interested in the responsibilities and dynamics of leading a team of firefighters, the Chief section of has an incredible selection of books sure to educate and fascinate. Take a look at the selection and be sure to purchase here today! 

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