Fire Chief's Handbook

Few professions in the world are as demanding as firefighting, and few workers bear as much weight on their shoulders as the firefighter. But the fire chief bears the lion's share of the responsibility on his or her shoulders, and without the right training, guidance and knowledge, the chief is ill-equipped to handle the essential split-second decisions and courses of action required of someone in such an important position of authority. At Firefighters Bookstore, education is our passion, and we want everyone—at all levels of authority and responsibility—to have the tools they need to carry out their duties as masterfully as possible. For the fire chief, that means possessing the ultimate fire chief's handbook.

Fire Chief's Handbook – And Other Guides

The Fire Chief's Handbook is the definitive authority on fire chief operations, and we're proud to carry this important guide in its latest edition at a superior value. In addition, we also carry a wide array of other essential fire chief fundamentals. Take, for instance, Fire Command, which spells out the eight basic functions of command and delves into vivid detail about how the IC must optimally perform each function. From large scale incident management to emergency incident management operations, we have guides for every scenario, complete with all of the essential details and processes that every fire chief must know.

Furthermore, we take great care to ensure that every guide is up to date. We carry the latest editions of key firefighting manuals, including the Fire Chief's Handbook, and we offer superior prices on the guides and handbooks that are trusted by leading firefighting authorities the world over. Brush up on National Incident Management Command Systems, learn the fundamentals of fireground command, and study the latest theories, practices, regulations and requirements that apply directly to your unit.

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Whether you dream of becoming a fire chief or are looking to expand your library as an existing chief, these guides have all of the information and resources you need to be the best. We carry only the essential literature, and we guarantee that you won't find a more useful or comprehensive body of information on any other site out there. At Firefighters Bookstore, we seek to be the ultimate resource for firefighting materials. Are you ready to take your knowledge and skill to the next level?

As a fire chief (or aspiring fire chief), you understand that the profound level of responsibility that surrounds you. We want to equip you with the tools you need to masterfully execute those responsibilities, not just for the sake of your career, but for the sake of those who require your services. Firefighting is about saving lives and restoring order, and we applaud you for your commitment to these efforts. Shop now, and become the best fire chief that you can possibly be.

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