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In addition to a complete selection of online materials about fire and emergency services for adults, we also offer a comprehensive set of children’s books and DVDs, designed to raise awareness about kids’ fire safety.

Stories for children include fun and memorable characters like Curious George, who takes his first trip to the firehouse. With a little bit of curiosity and a big heart to help, he experiences a day in the life of a firefighter.Dear Dragon learns all about fire safety on a class trip, while Elliot Moose and friends embark upon on unexpected rescue. Maisy Mouse, a popular television cartoon character, drives a fire engine as his friends tag along to help save Little Black Cat and TV's adorable Busytown characters feature a fire company made up of piglets.

You'll find creative children’s DVDs by artists such as Daniel Taylor, who take each child on unique firefighting adventures through early learner reading books. Other books by Taylor include Inspection Day: A Lesson In Loving Yourself; The Haunted Forest: A Lesson In Overcoming Fear; and Welcome Home Luna: A Lesson In Responsibility.

Additional tales of heroism and humor include Alphabet Rescue by Audrey Wood; Chief Rhino To The Rescue! (Whoops-a-Daisy World) by Sam Lloyd; and Martin E. Coleman & Thomas J. Vito's What if Jesus Were a New York Firefighter.

Firefighters Bookstore's children’s section also includes topics on Firefighters and Fire History. Here, you'll find animated tales immersed in real life circumstances like Smoky Night, a Caldecott medal-winning story by Eve Bunting that brings cats and human beings together after a night of rioting; John Blair & The Great Hinckley Fire

by Josephine Nobisso, a former slave who saved nearly 300 lives during a Minnesota firestorm; and Fire at the Triangle Factory by Holly Littlefield, a true story of survival during the Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire of 1911.

Education about kids' fire safety wouldn't be complete without traditional tales of fire stations, fire truck engines, and other apparatus. Anytime there's a fire, you instantly hear the sirens and roar of fire engines, as they rush to the scene of the fire. My Red Fire Truck is a book that takes kids right to the heart of the action, while other books such as The Picture World of Ambulances, give children a descriptive look at how ambulances are actually used.

Sometimes things happen in and around the environment without explanation. Because of that, Firefighters Bookstore has added books like Earthquakes by Seymour Simon and Fire: Force of Nature by Jack de Golla in order to provide a basis for understanding the cause of natural disasters, but in a way that captures kids' interest about fire safety.

Who said kids' fire safety can't be fun? Our activity and coloring books put the fun in fire safety. In The Way Things Work, David Macaulay, provides clever drawings and simply illustrations that give children and adults, alike, insight into the inner workings of gadgets, mechanics, and machines.

Firefighters Bookstore also offers books about kids’ fire safety in Spanish, as well as award-winning animated children’s DVDs. We bring you the most complete source of books, videos, and software for fire and emergency services anywhere. Browse our full selection.

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