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Company officers are usually the person in charge of a crew of firefighters and their gear. They have different rankings and titles in various communities, but are usually lieutenants, captains or sergeants in the firefighting department.

Company officers are usually involved in determining how to attack a fire and deploy the men under his or her command. As such, they need training and education, attaining the rank of company officer only after passing a test. That’s where a fire officer’s handbook of tactics can help.

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Attaining a higher rank is a common goal among firefighters, and the best and brightest have set a goal of rising to the very top of their profession. To achieve this status, they usually have to put in a certain number of years of service on the force and achieve a grade level that makes them eligible to take a test for promotion. Becoming a company officer is usually one of the first steps in that rise.

The Firefighters Bookstore has brought together a comprehensive collection of books that explain the steps and tactics necessary to attain the title of company officer. Ranging from incident management to dealing with other emergency responders, the Firebooks collection will provide any fireman with a foundational knowledge of what it takes to achieve the rank.

Our Collection

Among the collection’s highlights:

“The Office Development Handbook: Second Edition” was developed by the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) to help future department leaders in the fire and emergency services to plan a systematic program for their professional careers. The book emphasizes leadership competencies through four levels of officer development.

“Fire Officer’s Handbook of Tactics: Fourth Edition” by author John Norman serves as a guide for the firefighter or fire officer who has gone beyond the basic mechanics of the trade and is looking for specific instructions on various situations. The fourth edition features new chapters on lightweight construction, electrical fires and emergencies. There are also many new illustrations.

“Incident Management for the Street-Smart Fire Officer: Second Edition” is a guide that will help refine the incident management system of any department. Readers learn to anticipate needs, avoid command breakdowns and look at the big picture, using real-life scenarios.

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