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Everyone loves to cook, and they especially love to cook with family and friends. That’s why we offer a complete line of firehouse cookbook products that will provide hours of family entertainment and plenty of good eating!

You and your family and friends will spend hours of enjoyment together as you explore the many firehouse cookbook recipes that fuel the men and women who fight fires, drive ambulances and help out in emergencies. They have to cook and eat in short periods of time, so they pay special attention to gathering basic ingredients and simple preparation. The goal is to create a tasty, nutritious and filling meal that will help keep the emergency crew in tip-top shape as they prepare to battle whatever awaits.

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One of our best sellers is “Fireman’s Favorites,” which offers a long list of recipes that will teach you to cook and eat like a fireman.  This book is also used by professional firefighters who are just looking for some help or looking for new recipes. Created by an actual firefighter and used in real-life firehouses, these recipes were made with a fireman's desire for food and busy schedule in mind.

Another favorite is “Firehouse Cooking,” a collection of more than 200 recipes from career and volunteer firefighters that is guaranteed to get you fed and back on the road in a fireman’s minute! These dishes are perfect for busy professionals who, like rescue workers, often are pressed for time. Using common ingredients and with many recipes that even a beginner can appreciate, this is a collection that even a beginner cook can be comfortable using—and they’ve all best firehouse-tested and approved!

If you’ve over-indulged on too many firehouse goodies, perhaps you should consider “Get Firefighter Fit,” a guide that uses a multi-faceted approach to total body conditioning. These field-tested exercises have been successful in transforming out-of-shape rookies into lean, mean fighting machines for the New York Fire Department. Try them at home and no matter your current fitness level, you’ll soon see an improvement in strength, conditioning, endurance and agility. The book also includes nutrition tips so that you can fuel and hydrate during this high-intensity training.

 If you’re looking for a more regional approach, consider “Great Firehouse Cooks of Texas,” which offers 42 recipes from the Lone Star state’s finest firehouse chefs. You could also check out “Planet Barbecue!”—an examination of 309 recipes from around the world collected by Steven Raichlen, who visited over 60 countries to get the best of live-fire cooking secrets. This is an unprecedented marriage of food and culture.

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