Emergency Management & Disaster Control

The scope of a disaster can be hard to recognize and understand, even for the most skilled professionals. Ongoing training in the art and craft of emergency management is critical for those committed to dealing with the daunting reality of a crisis and the life-threatening situations that occur when disaster strikes.

The reality is that emergency situations can be chaotic and frightening, and thus difficult for even the most skilled personnel to deal with. Given all of this, how can emergency professionals best deal effectively and coolly in a crisis situation? Keeping skills sharp via ongoing education and training is the key. That’s why The Firefighter’s Bookstore is committed to providing the best educational materials available, from books to DVDs to visual aids; to help emergency management professionals stay on top of the latest trends in safety and disaster control techniques. Let’s take a look at some of the quality materials available here for the ongoing enhancement of emergency management and disaster control professionals.

In today’s modern emergency environment, technology plays a key role, not only in threats to public safety, but also by providing ways to solve problems more quickly and effectively. Technology in Emergency Management by John C. Pine provides an overview of the ways technology is involved in emergency management and how it can be used to enhance emergency response and planning. The book also offers detailed descriptions of technological systems used in emergencies, including the Internet, radio networks, warning systems and more.

In a dangerous world, the scope of many real disasters can sometimes defy belief; yet it’s critical for emergency personnel to know the realities they may be confronted with in case of disaster. Disasters Man-Made, by David White and Anton Reicher, takes readers into the shocking reality of major disasters via firsthand accounts by skilled emergency first responders. Compelling and utterly shocking, this book is a disturbing journey into horror and disaster, but the goal is to help readers avoid this kind of experience in real life, through greater preparedness.

Sometimes it’s good to get back to basics, which is why Introduction to Emergency Management by M.K. Lindell, C. Prater and R.W. Perry is highly recommended. This book provides a detailed overview of all the key elements in emergency management and preparation, from the kinds of threats now being dealt with to strategies for disaster mitigation, and misconceptions about behavior during an emergency. This all-encompassing guide is an invaluable resource for emergency professionals.

Disaster Planning and Control, by William M. Kramer, Ph.D., uses real case studies from the fire service to provide education in how to deal with disaster on many levels, from management to the development of effective response systems, with the goal of creating better outcomes for victims and emergency personnel. 

When disaster strikes, solid emergency management is the key to public safety. The Firefighter’s Bookstore is here to provide the resources and information needed to keep professionals trained and the public safe. Browse the full selection.

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