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EMS, EMT & Paramedic

Firefighters aren’t the only ones who respond to emergencies. That’s why Firebooks.com offers a large selection of reliable, up-to-date material for those other heroes, the EMS, EMT & Paramedics. Our large selection consists of knowledgeable material from a variety of publishers from around the world. This specialized section features a wealth of reference material addressing topics like career exploration, certification, memoirs, pharmacology, first aid and CPR, special situations for pediatric or geriatric patients and much more.

Still not sure exactly what path you’re heading down? Check out one of our career exploration titles to get more detailed information about the job. Introduction to EMS Systems is a popular introductory college text that familiarizes students with what to expect. Our Dictionaries & Terminology section offers a few great titles that are must-haves for new students studying up. These texts are also full of need-to-know information that would be beneficial to have on-hand in the rig or at the station for practitioners to refer to when needed.

You’ll find extremely helpful patient assessment guides in the Patient Assessment and Case Scenarios Section. Sick Not Sick: A Guide to Rapid Patient Assessment teaches students the skills necessary to quickly assess patients in the field and includes quizzes and review questions to check retention. Because pediatric and

geriatric patients often require specialized attention and treatment, our outstanding Pediatric & Geriatric Emergencies section is packed full of extraordinary material to aid practitioners and students in assessment and treatment of these very important patients.

Mosby’s Comprehensive Pediatric Emergency Care is the most comprehensive book available regarding pediatric care in emergency situations. A must-have for trainees and practitioners, it comes with a quick reference card featuring pediatric respiratory and heart rates, pain assessment tools, blood pressure and much more. Not every emergency happens within city limits. Our Wilderness & Rural Emergency Care section showcases the top titles addressing emergency care in the wilderness. The Field Guide to Wilderness Medicine is a handy reference guide for handling remote location emergencies, and Wilderness and Rescue Medicine covers all the emergencies from snakebites to SCUBA emergencies. You’ll always be prepared with our outdoor emergency materials.

Firebooks.com is happy to offer these and many other informative texts and materials for EMS, EMT and Paramedics. Whether you’re a seasoned professional searching for a refresher or just starting out your training, you can find exactly the materials you’re looking for. Browse our full selection today.

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