EMT Books

Are you an emergency medical technician (EMT)? Or are you studying to become an emergency medical technician? Whether you're a student, a seasoned EMT, or simply someone exploring the possibility of a new vocation in the rescue field, you're going to need the right body of information to provide you with the essential knowledge. Firefighters Bookstore carries a wide selection of essential EMT books that are informative, comprehensive and easy to follow. A meaningful career begins with a solid education, and these books represent the ultimate in EMT educational materials.

EMT Training Books

Whether you're just starting out or continuing education, you'll find EMT books that are perfectly suited for your level of education. For the beginner, we have Transition Series: Topics for EMT, and for the intermediate rescue professional, we have Transition Series: Topics for the Advanced EMT. These guides include key information regarding clinical practices, National EMS Educational Standards and AHA guidelines. You won't find a more expansive collection of information than what's available in these industry-leading guides.

We also carry such indispensable resources as EMT Prehospital Care, Emergency Medical Technician, EMT Field Guide and EMT-Basic Exam Review, just to get you started. Explore the full selection, and click on any book title to learn more about what you can expect from the text. At Firefighters Bookstore, we select thousands of guides, and we carry the highest quality and most respected firefighting and rescue manuals available. You'll find them all here, and you'll find them at the best prices available.

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There are a lot of EMT training books out there, and there is only a small handful of essential, go-to publications found in the personal collections of leading EMTs across the nation.

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