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The world’s most complete collection of books on engine company operations and ladder company fireground operations is found at Firefighters Bookstore, your online resource for emergency responders.

This elaborate collection of planning and programs used to fight fires and respond to other emergency will be of intense interest to professionals who want to improve their knowledge and training, relatives of first responders who want to gain better understanding of the job, and emergency responder buffs who relish the inside details of just how disaster management is planned and implemented.

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This eight-volume collection is a must for any firehouse or community library. A brief synopsis of several titles:

In “Stretching and Operating the First Line,” we get a detailed look at the purpose of the first line, determining line size and position, estimating the stretch, stretching the first line, engine company members and their responsibilities, engine company members' gear and tools, operating the first line during emergencies, and training for the engine company operations.

In the third edition of Harold Richman’s groundbreaking “Engine Company Fireground Operations,” the basic objectives of engine company work is covered, with particular emphasis on the proper supply and use of water.  Engine companies will appreciate the three major tactical priorities on the fireground: (1) life safety; (2) extinguishment; and (3) property conservation. Also covered are: protecting exposures, confining the fire, and carrying out overhaul operations. Teamwork and safety are emphasized throughout the updated text, now available in two colors and including many new illustrations and photos. An instructor toolkit is also available to certified instructors.

“The Engine Company” takes a look at the similarities and differences in engine company operations as practiced by fire departments of all sizes and in all settings throughout the US.  This complete overview discusses in detail the equipment, staffing, and operations of engine-company firefighters at structural fires and other emergencies in urban, suburban, and rural settings. Of particular interest are the sections detailing the abilities and limitations of engine companies, based on equipment, staffing, and water supply, and the tactical missions of engine company operations.

Ladder companies are also highlighted in “Ladder Company Fireground Operations;” this updated third edition covers the basic objectives of ladder company work, including conducting a primary search, rescuing victims, forcing entry, and conducting proper ventilation techniques. Fire chiefs will appreciate the focus on pre-incident planning using standard operating procedures. This updated text has secondary color, lots of new illustrations and pictures, and learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter. An instructor tool kit is available with appropriate credentials.

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