Fire Engineers Books

The reality of effective firefighting involves many levels of expertise. These areas of expert knowledge include knowing how to deal quickly with a crisis, as well as to assessing the potential danger of a situation-- from property damage to human injury. Engineering firefighters must also understand the chemistry of fire and the logistics of pumping water effectively in order to extinguish it. The expertise of firefighting engineers all comes into play when a fire starts, and it’s the skills, knowledge and experience of these highly trained professionals that can make the difference between catastrophe and a hazard quickly brought under control.

A career as a firefighting engineer involves incredible discipline, training, problem-solving abilities and a knowledge of fire at every level, from its chemical makeup to its incredible potential for creating havoc in an out-of-control situation. How do engineers continue to work at the highest level of expertise, to continue to serve their communities as leaders and as keepers of public safety? The answers are: through a commitment to ongoing education and a commitment to keeping their skills sharp.

Indeed, the challenge for firefighting engineers is to keep their exacting levels of expertise at the highest possible level, and to do this, engineers must dedicate themselves to an ongoing process of learning and education in their chosen field. With this goal in mind, the Firefighters Bookstore is offered as a reliable, easy-to-access resource for top quality educational materials for engineers in the field of firefighting.

The Firefighters Bookstore offers an array of educational materials in its engineering section, all geared toward providing firefighting professionals with the information needed to keep their skills honed. With a wide range of training DVDs, software, exam preparation materials and books, this site is designed to offer a range of ongoing educational resources.

The books available in engineering include Fire Service Hydraulics and Water Supply, 2nd Ed., which provides a wealth of information on the principles of water and its movement, as well as information on how to effectively harness this information. Also available are Erven's Firefighting Apparatus and Procedures, 3rd Ed., with extensive information on how to drive and maintain firefighting equipment effectively. Engineers committed to ongoing education will enjoy searching through this site and finding resources here that are uniquely suited to their skills and areas of expertise.

For firefighting engineers seeking information at every level, with a range and depth not found at ordinary bookstores, the Firefighters Bookstore is the place to shop. Check out the selection and order today!

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