Fire Prevention

An out-of-control fire, whether it’s an electrical fire that quickly spreads through a home, or a forest fire blaze that ignites into a major firestorm whipped up by dry brush and high winds, is a shocking site to take in. Experienced firefighters know that the real key to fighting fires is to take every step to ensure that they never start in the first place. Ultimately, firefighting is all about taking every precaution to prevent fires from starting. That’s why The Firefighters Bookstore is committed to providing a wealth of information for firefighters who want to do all they can to stop fires before their path of destruction ignites, taking with them homes, property and lives.

The Fire Prevention site includes four sections devoted to educational fire prevention materials. These sections are Fire Prevention, Inspection and Code Enforcement, Sprinklers and Fire Protection Systems and Fire Safety Education for Children. Let’s take a look at the books and educational materials contained here.

Books on fire prevention include works like Fire Prevention Applications by Brett Lacey and Paul Valentine, which explores strategic plans for avoiding injury as well as ideas for dealing with prevention in today’s political and economic climate. This section also includes David Diamantes’ Principles of Fire Prevention, which helps readers understand the true value of fire prevention, and includes elements of inspection, plan review and the logistics of managing the finances and staffing responsibilities involved in successful prevention.

Inspection and Code Enforcement is a critical area of fire prevention explored in several books here. William Jenaway’s Fire Inspector: Principles and Practices takes readers through the basics of fire inspection with detailed information about building construction, the realities of fire and how buildings are affected. This highly readable book offers real-world preparation for new fire inspectors and a great brush-up for more experienced inspectors.

The details of Sprinklers and Fire Inspection Systems are explored in this area of the site, with a range of books on different systems, their uses and applications. Fire Detection and Suppression Systems, by IFSTA, offers invaluable information on water supply systems, smoke management, sprinkler systems and more. Principles of Fire Protection by Arthur Cote, P.E., and Percy Bugbee, covers all the basics of fire protection for our modern times, from modern ideas of fire extinguishing and the dynamics of fire.

The last section of Fire Prevention addresses the critical issue of fire safety: education for children. Children are at the greatest risk of fire and the most in need of solid education on prevention. This section offers a wealth of educational materials in book and visual formats, to make concepts more easily understandable for young people.

The Rainbow Valley Fire Safety Education 10-Part DVD Series is a comprehensive fire safety series geared for children in pre-K to 3rd grade. This engaging series gives detailed information about firefighting, fire trucks, how fires are started and how to avoid and escape a real fire. With music and comedy from B.J. Thomas and Tim Conway, this entertaining and educational set is absolutely invaluable for children’s fire safety.

Firefighting professionals will find a wealth of information on fire prevention here in this section of The Firefighter’s Bookstore. 

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