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Some 365,000 fires occurred last year, according to statistics provided by the National Fire Protection Association, resulting in $5.7 billion in property damage. Over 80% of deaths from fire occur in residences, and it’s the third-leading cause of death for children. Thus, we cannot overstate the importance of child fire safety.

Your child needs to know what to do in the chaos of a fire. Responsible parents should educate the child on what can happen in a fire, its causes, how to prevent issues and, above all, how to escape and where to go in case of a fire.

Firefighters Bookstore has been teaching children these vital lessons for over 25 years. We are the online resource for fire and emergency education and training, and our youngest charges are as precious to us as they are to you.  We offer a complete line of child fire safety books, serving as a great introduction to the dangers of fire that will stay with them for the rest of their lives, and perhaps teach adults a thing or two along the way.

Child Fire Safety the Fun Way

"Big Red" is one offering that’s a must-have for every home interested in firefighters and their culture. Firefighters from Tiburon, California use a unique "firefighters-eye view" camera to teach your kids about the preparation, tools, and the big trucks that fight fires and respond to emergencies. Tiburon's Fire Chief, Rosemary Bliss, worked closely with the video’s producers to ensure that it has state of the art firefighting educational value. This 25-minute tape will be watched over and over and provides one of the most comprehensive child fire safety messages on the market.

For children ages four years old to eight years old, we recommend “Ready, Freddy!  Firehouse Fun,” which takes kids on a fun first-grade field trip to the local fire station. Freddy and his friends use just the right words to reach children of this age, and kids will have a great time playing the games in “Freddy’s Fun Pages” at the end of the book.

Whatever choice you make, the Firefighters Bookstore stands ready to offer guidance to you on building out a comprehensive home book and video library.  If you have a firefighter in the family, live near a fire station, or just want to start early with your children on fire safety issues, Firebooks is the perfect resource to start building a knowledge base that will help your children gain a firm understanding of fire safety.

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