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Children's Books Fire Trucks, Engines & Other Fire Apparatus

Next to a visit to Santa Claus, nothing gets a child more excited than a fire truck!  They’re big, they’re bold, they’re red, they make noise, they squirt water…what more could a kid want?

Now you can bring that excitement to your home with the Firefighters Bookstore collection. We offer a complete line of fireman books that will teach children about the profession, important lessons on safety, and the cool toys that emergency workers get to play with every day – the fire trucks, pumpers, and engines that the men and women who battle blazes for a living work with every day.

Choose from Our Selection of Fireman Books

We offer books like Martha Fineman’s classic “Fire Engines,” a simple guide to the standard equipment of firefighting that serves as the perfect introduction for youngsters. Or consider for the preschool set “My Red Fire Truck,” which puts your child in the center of the action as the fast-rolling fire trucks and fearless firefighters spring into action. Boasting lively visuals and an easy-to-understand story, the book is an instant classic for your home or school. It comes complete with learning activities, and its dye-cut handle makes it a perfect travel book.

You can also change things up a bit and explore “The Picture World of Ambulances,” an insider’s look at the world’s emergency responders, featuring descriptions, drawings and photos of military, civilian and emergency responders.  This is the perfect book for ages three to seven year olds, particularly as they start school and need to file an early book report.

25 Years of Education and Fun

If your child is fascinated with the roar of the fire trucks as they spring into action, then the Firefighters Bookstore is the spot for you. We have a complete selection of books, videos and software that brings your child into the center of this universe. For over 25 years, we’ve been guiding youngsters toward fire safety, instilling respect for the men and women in the profession, and teaching important lessons about fire stations. We’re sure that our children’s collection of fireman books will be a welcome addition to any home.

Our action-packed assortment includes classics like Curious George, Dear Dragon, Sesame Street’s Elmo and Arthur the mouse; valuable instructional books, including “Firefighters A to Z” and “Staying Safe Around Fire”; and for the older child, history lessons on the great Chicago fire and other notable disasters. We carry products from over 100 publishers from around the world, and carefully screen all our products to ensure they offer the best quality instruction available on the market.

Excellent Customer Service

We are happy to provide counseling on the perfect assortment of materials for home or school. We pride ourselves on great customer service, so email us or call with any questions you may have about our selection or services.

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