Firefighter Training

When fire breaks out unexpectedly, the reality of the danger involved and the potential for injury can be devastating—and shocking. Knowing how to deal with a potentially catastrophic situation and how to quickly bring the fire under control--while keeping people and property safe—is the firefighter’s challenge. Protecting the vulnerable in a dangerous situation takes training, experience and dedication, and it is these qualities that make a professional firefighter a critically important part of every community.

Is the work challenging? Yes it is. Is dedication an absolute requirement? Yes it is. Yet the work of a professional firefighter goes beyond having the experience and knowledge required to deal quickly and expertly with an emergency fire situation. Though every firefighter knows how critical it is to have the training and expertise to quickly deal with the potential crisis of a fire, the work of a firefighter must continue with ongoing education. To act quickly in an emergency, a professional firefighter must be committed to a regime of learning new processes and honing firefighting skills. Yes, dedication to ongoing education is part of the firefighter’s code, and it’s a commitment that continues for the entire length of a career—until the day a firefighter’s helmet is hung up for good.

The Firefighters Bookstore™ is committed to providing the books and educational resources needed to keep a firefighter’s skills sharp, and to lead the way towards learning new developments and understanding new ideas in the field. With a wealth of educational resources, from training programs on DVD, to software, to exam preparation materials, to informative books covering the most advanced skills, the Firefighters Bookstore is the essential resource for firefighters who want to advance their knowledge and hone their professional skills and techniques.

The educational and instructional books available for firefighters include the comprehensive training manual, Fundamentals of Firefighter Skills, 3rd Edition, as well as the invaluable training manual for volunteer firefighters, Safe Firefighting, First Things First. Fire Dynamics, an overview of the chemistry of fire, is also available, plus much more. Training DVDS available at include an 11-part series on Industrial Fire Brigades as well as a ten-part Fire Rescue Training Series. Also available is Rapid Intervention Crew; a training program for crews rescuing first responders in emergency situations. is without question one of the best online resources for ongoing education and training for professional firefighters at all levels of experience and expertise. Check out our full range of firefighting training resources.

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