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Fireground Operations Book

A raging fire burns out of control, and as firefighters ready themselves to take on the charge of extinguishing the flames, the last thing they need is miscommunication about the chain of command or how things work in the heat of the moment. We want to make sure that every firefighter is knowledgeable about his or her position in the fireground. We offer numerous titles from a variety of categories including air management, tools, engine and truck company, strategy and tactics, building construction, fire hose and foam firefighting, gas tanks and storage tanks, and aircraft firefighting.

At we take pride in our ability to provide you with the most current material from publishers all over the world. We are the online leader in fire and emergency services material and we can help you find exactly what you need.

Our Air Management, Safety & Survival section features many texts focusing on highway safety procedures, interactive training drills, techniques necessary for rescuing and caring for an injured firefighter, rapid intervention, how to handle disorientation, emergency escape procedures and more.

Our Tools section features a selection of texts and CD-ROMs that identify the tools that will be used on the job and explains the proper way to use them.

In the Engine & Truck Company section, you can find a variety of reference materials addressing first line purposes and responsibilities, operations differences in

companies of different structure and size, property conservation, training drills, objectives of ladder company operations and much more.

The Foam Firefighting and Fire Hose section features texts addressing Class A and Class B fires and foams, the design and construction of different types of hoses, proper use of hoses and foams, extinguishers and more.

Titles like Suburban Fire Tactics, Fireground Operational Guides, and Fire Suppression Practice & Procedures combined with a plentiful selection of other titles makes our Strategy & Tactics section one of the most informative group of books available.

Other titles in our Fireground Operations category address stability of burning buildings, ventilation and firefighting, procedures for handling gasoline tank truck emergencies and more. This category alone displays the abundance of informative material that is available to you through our online store. is proud to offer this power-packed library to prepare fire and emergency service personnel for their action in the line of duty. Check out the full selection of amazing offerings in the Fireground Operations section and find everything you need today.

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