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It’s important to have a talk with your child about basic safety, but it doesn’t have to be all grim and scary. The perfect way to broach this delicate subject is with first aid books for children from the Firefighters Bookstore collection.

You and your child will love this imaginative and colorful way to talk about first aid basics. We have first aid books for children meant for toddlers and older children, all designed to teach without preaching. Our goal is to instill awareness in your child and build your bonds as you share important information in a fun, colorful manner.

Interactive Safety Educational Materials

Our first aid books for children include “Arthur’s Fire Drill,” a tale of the beloved bear that became a staple of PBS children’s programming, and “Staying Safe Around Fire,” a discussion of the rules that will help keep everyone safe in an emergency situation. Both are easy to read and understand and will become an important building block for your child’s safety education.

“Arthur’s Fire Drill” is a multi-purpose book that combines a safety lesson with a sticker/activity section. The PBS bear joins with friend D.W. to learn about such basics as keeping your hands and body away from a hot stove, not to play with matches, and other important messages. The book concludes with Arthur participating in a school fire drill, which includes instructions on doing a proper “Stop-Drop-Roll” if you accidentally catch fire, and what needs to be done to start a fire drill at home. Your child will love learning about ways that will keep the family safe while enjoying the time spent with your and Arthur.

More First Aid Books for Children

For readers at age levels 6 to 9 (generally grades kindergarten through 2nd Grade), we offer “Staying Safe Around Fire,” which is a primer on how to prevent fires at home. Now that your child is old enough to walk, they need to learn about matches and lighters, planning an escape route, and other important rules that will keep the family safe. These important lessons are told in an easy-to-understand and accessible way, so that your junior fire marshal will take responsibility for keeping the family safe.

Shop at the Firefighters Bookstore

The Firefighters Bookstore is the perfect place to shop for first aid books for children. We are an educational and training resource for heroes, and we offer a full line of children’s books, DVDs and more that will help educate your child on safety basics.

If you’re a public education professional, we can provide guidance on the proper materials that will help you build a library of information to make your students understand the emergency situations that can arise in our modern world. Don’t wait—make safety your priority by checking out the first aid and safety materials at Firefighters Bookstore today!

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