Foam Firefighting and Fire Hose

While water from the fire hose has been the fire suppressant of choice since man first tamed this force of nature, it may not be the perfect choice in all emergency situations. That’s why the development of foam fire fighting was a key tool in the battle against blazes where water just isn’t enough.

Dating back to 1902, when a Russian engineer and chemist first developed a method for extinguishing liquid fires by smothering them with foam, the practice of foam fire fighting has grown into a key tool for the emergency responder community.

Strategies and Varieties of Foam

Today’s foams, which come in several varieties, are quite unlike the original formula, and are highly effective in fighting oil-based and chemical fires. There are foams meant for large areas and small enclosed spaces, but all act to cool the fire and coat the fuel, suppressing its contact with oxygen. Particularly in situations where water is hard to reach or unavailable, foam fire fighting provides a key tool in the battle to save lives and property.

In the Firefighters Bookstore collection, all types of foam tactics and strategies are discussed and the merits of each type for certain situations are revealed. This is the most comprehensive collection of books ever assembled on the topic.

Our Foam Fire Fighting Books

“Principles of Foam Fire Fighting” covers Class A and Class B fires and foams. This comprehensive overview includes information on portable foam extinguishers, foam concentrates, portable foam proportioning equipment, foam and ARFF apparatus, and fixed foam extinguishing systems in use to battle fires in buildings, in the wild, in industrial settings and aircraft, among other situations.

“Fire Hose Practices” is a look at the design and construction of various types of fire hose and couplings. Of particular value to fire fighting teams are the book’s detailed looks at proper procedures for cleaning, drying, repairing, storing, and service testing hose. There are also descriptions of the current generation of fire hose nozzles, appliances, and tools.

The comprehensive “Foam Firefighting Operations 1: The Essentials of Class A Foam, Awareness Level” is the first in a three-volume set on the safe and effective use of Class A foam and Compressed Air Foam Systems. If your team and community are considering ways to expand the current use of foam or just thinking of adding it to your firefighting arsenal, this is the book for you.

25 Years of Experience

Firefighters Bookstore has been collecting the world’s best firefighting and emergency responder books for over 25 years. Our world class collection of books, videos and software can provide training and information materials that help save lives, or merely offer an insider’s view of the emergency responder profession.   

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