Gender Issues and Affirmative Action

Over 6,000 women work in the United States as full-time firefighters and officers. In the volunteer ranks, it is estimated that over 35,000 women battle blazes across the nation. This growth has been accomplished in less than a century, and has truly  mushroomed in the last 25 years as diversity in the fire service becomes more of a goal.

As the ranks of women continue to grow in the firefighting profession, so to does the discussion of the need for a solid affirmative action policy to grow their ranks. The Firefighters Bookstore provides a world-class collection of books on gender issues and affirmative action, detailing laws, case studies and other spotlights on the issues.

The collection also deals with race, sexual identity issues and diversity in the fire service. All firefighting professionals and administrators need to be aware of gender, homosexuality and other social issues that are an increasing part of the workforce, making this the perfect gift for the emergency responder in your family.

A few selections from our collection are:

  • “Real Heat: Gender and Race in the Urban Fire Service” covers 30 years of affirmative action legal and political efforts, detailing the ways it has succeeded and failed for women and people of color. The Oakland, California Fire Department is spotlighted, as the author follows the class through its academy training and 18-month probation. The implications of the interactions between people for public policy and social justice are explored.

  • “Hard-Hatted Women” tells the story of 26 women in their own words, detailing their stories of struggle and success. The book is valuable guide for managers, as they spotlight success and inspiration in the ongoing integration of women into the fire-fighting workforce.

  • “Crossed Signals” is a guide on how to deal with sexual harassment on the job and overcome miscommunication between the sexes. The book also details how and when to take action in harassment cases.

  • “Guide to Affirmative Action” is, as the title suggests, a how-to for managers to understand the law on sensitive issues such as equal employment opportunity, age and sex discrimination, and sexual harassment. The guidelines are supported by case studies on affirmative action issues.
  • “Beyond Race and Gender” is aimed at managers who deal with issues regarding diversity in the fire service. This book covers topics such as expanding recruitment and retention, providing advantageous environments, and issues of age, educational backgrounds and lifestyles.

The Firefighters Bookstore has been providing education and resources to the firefighting and emergency responder communities for over 25 years.  We offer a world-class collection of books, videos, CD-ROMS and other informational resources geared toward the world of emergency response. We are happy to discuss your needs if you wish to enhance your own community or school library with this important sector of public management.

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