For a Firefighter, there's no such thing as a "typical day" anymore. Once upon a time, they could hang out at the firehouse and play cards or checkers, waiting for the fire alarm to sound. That was years ago. Today, firefighters are required to be educated and maintain skill or knowledge in a number of different areas such as public education, emergency medical treatment, fire protection systems, hazardous materials, computers and technology, apparatus and equipment operation and management, public relations, and, of course, firefighting.

Emergency vehicles need to be inspected, maintained, and ready at all times. Drills, training, and classes happen almost daily, and a great deal of pre-planning goes into preventing and preparing for fire responses. Because they live and work at the firehouse, firefighters also take turns eating and making meals for the crew. Did we mention the maintenance of the station building and grounds?

Firefighters usually work 48-hour shifts with 96 hours off. Every shift is different, bringing new challenges and opportunities. They also work hard to keep us safe and sometimes it’s easy to forget the dangers they subject themselves to everyday.

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Consider this: at about 7:45 each morning your local firefighter shows up dressed and ready for work. Once roll call is done, they receive their assignments - their day is scheduled but the possibility of a fire alarm can totally throw off whatever was planned. Time is then spent checking equipment and cleaning the station.

Physical fitness is important, so attempts are made each day to exercise and stay fit. Errands are run, while shopping for food and supplies are usually the next thing on the list.

In the afternoon training and business inspections are conducted. Special programs or training generally occur during this time. Reports and dinner are prepared. Then there's downtime to prepare for the next day.

We left out the calls each station receives in a day. Depending upon the station, an average of 16 calls per day can be divided between each local station. Some calls might involve two engines, others - every piece of apparatus available. Firefighters have to be flexible because no day is a "typical day". They accept this as part of a very important job that they do every day.

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