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Hazardous Materials Books

Hazardous materials can be explosive, flammable, radioactive and poisonous. These dangerous chemicals require proper handling and containment when they are spilled or released, either accidentally or intentionally. Hazardous materials training and information is an important element for fire and emergency service providers.

Handling hazardous materials is one of the most dangerous jobs out there. Hazardous materials are extremely dangerous and improper handling, contact or ingestion can often be fatal. The Firefighters Bookstore offers some of the most up-to-date and informative hazardous materials content available.

In our Hazardous Materials Reference & Field Guide section you’ll find the 2012 Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG) by the U.S. Department of Transportation. This important reference guide offers updated information from the 2008 edition and includes revisions and expansions of some topics. This handy pocket reference book is essential for all emergency service workers who may come in contact with hazardous materials.

Don’t miss the Field Operations Guide for Hazardous Materials Chemistry in our Chemistry section. Another handy pocket reference text, this guide arranges hazardous materials into 5 sections for easy field identification.

Hawley’s Condensed Chemical Dictionary is another must for Hazardous Materials workers. The First Responder’s Field Guide to Hazmat & Terrorism Emergency Response is an excellent resource for any engine company to keep on hand in the truck. With this guide, first responders will be able to act fast and know the most effective precautions and actions to take to secure the area.

Other informative titles in this section include Hazardous Materials Incidents: Surviving the Initial Response and the First Responders Pocket Guide to Radiation Incidents. The Hot Zone Log: Personal Hazmat Record is an ideal take-along book for hazardous materials personnel to document their vital signs, actions, contact, and procedures in the heat of the moment, with indestructible paper.

In our decontamination and emergency care section we have a set that includes DVDs, CD-ROMs and a text, and is titled Silent War: Infection Control for Emergency Responders. In the event that there is designed to provide the most complete information for handling any kind of bioterrorism, viral outbreak, hepatitis incidents, HIV, Ebola, Tuberculosis and more.

As you can see, our extensive collection has everything you need to know about handling hazardous materials. Check out the full selection to find useful and informative training guides and reference manuals for students and skilled practitioners alike.

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