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Firefighting professionals occupy a special place in the public imagination. The firefighter’s job involves the ability to stay calm and lucid in an emergency situation, to protect the public, deal with complicated and dangerous issues during crisis, and stay at a peak level of health and fitness throughout. Yes, it’s a tall order, yet somehow, firefighters continually rise to the occasion, all with the goal of maintaining public safety.

In order to enhance the firefighting professional’s commitment to health and wellness, The Firefighter’s Bookstore offers two sections on health issues in its Health, Fitness & Wellness area. These sections include an area devoted to books on health, fitness and wellness, as well as another are devoted to stress and burnout prevention.

Staying fit and well is of critical importance to firefighters. It’s with this in mind that we offer a range of books that provide practical, usable information on staying healthy and in top shape. Let’s take a look at some of the books geared towards health and fitness offered here.

The Firefighter’s Fitness Handbook by Al Wasser & Andrea Walter is a hands-on guide to total fitness and wellness for individual firefighters as well as fire departments. This book includes a real take on the realities that face firefighters, from the stress of dealing with ongoing crises, to the need to maintain fitness to avoid accidents and injuries. It includes a guide to self fitness evaluation as well fitness techniques and advice on nutrition,

The Fire Athlete Fitness Program by firefighting veteran Ryan Vacek addresses the need for athletes to maintain a high level of fitness in order to deal with stress and to do their job effectively, while staying safe. This book includes a detailed fitness and workout program that is based on the real physical demands and movements a firefighter will endure in the course of an emergency.

The Ultimate Workout Log: An Exercise Diary for Everyone, by Suzanne Shlosberg, is a popular workout tool used by people everywhere who want to track their fitness goals. This practical and motivational tool is a real asset for anyone, firefighters or civilians, who want to get fit, so we’ve included it here.

The high expectations placed on firefighting professionals, and the incredibly stressful situations they are routinely exposed to mean stress management is a critical issue in the profession. With this in mind, this section of the site is geared towards information that will help firefighters deal with stress proactively before it becomes a health issue.

Straight Talk About Stress, by firefighter, EMT and critical care nurse Mike McEvoy, offers down to earth discussions and tips for emergency professionals dealing with on the job stress. This insider’s view of the realities of dealing with the stress and demands of emergency situations is readable and very valuable.

I Love a Firefighter, What the Family Needs to Know, by Ellen Kirschman, Ph.D., offers a psychologist’s view of the realities of firefighter families and how spouses and children cope with the worry and stress of having a loved one in highly dangerous situations. Honest and readable, this book is highly recommended by trainers and fire chiefs.

Staying healthy, fit and above all, safe, is critical for firefighters. Protecting these dedicated professionals with ongoing health information is the goal of The Firefighters Bookstore, which is why we offer these engaging and informational books on health and wellness. Check out the full selection.

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