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Everyone enjoys a good laugh, and firefighter humor is a particularly fun genre developed by professionals to while away those long hours waiting for the next bell.

At Firefighters Bookstore, we’ve gathered the best of firefighter humor to provide hours of uproarious entertainment. Whether you want to buy a gift for the professional firefighter in your family, know a friend who loves firefighters, or just want to get a classic firefighter humor book, Firefighters Bookstore has something for your reading pleasure. 

We also have a great collection of firefighter lore that will make you laugh and give you much to contemplate as you go behind the scenes and explore the day-to-day life of a professional firefighter.

Find Firefighter Humor at the Ultimate Firefighter Bookstore

One of our top sellers is “What’s the Number for 9-1-1?” Former Saturday Night Live writer Leland Gregory has collected all the funniest, most ridiculous 911 calls in this not-to-be-missed compilation.

You’ll howl at “Chief: Who Is in Charge?” This humor collection looks like a children’s book, but don't be fooled. It's a brilliant character study of authority figures and folks in charge disguised in satire and clever drawings.

Illustrated Firefighter Humor

For the artistic members of the family, consider “Drawn by Fire,” Paul Combs’ collection of fire service editorial cartoons. This is a collection that will be appreciated by anyone in the family, as its lavish illustrations capture the heart of fire service.  Featuring a foreword by Chief Billy Goldfeder and introduction by Rick Lasky, this is a collection that will be a great coffee table conversation starter.

Another art-filled collection is “Hubie and the Fire Service,” a collection of the best works by Captain Dave Hubert, (Ret.) who drew fire department-oriented cartoons for years and was the featured cartoonist for the California State Firefighters' Association's monthly magazine for nearly two decades. His "Hubie" cartoons were eagerly anticipated by its firefighter readers, and Dave's wife, Barbara, has assembled over 360 of his best cartoons and published them in this handsome 304-page, full-color, hardbound book, packaged in a full-color slipcase as a collector's edition.

Looking for more laughs?  In “Dangers, Toils and Snares,” you get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the life of a firefighter as told by Tim Casey, with 30 years on the job. It’s a personal adventure in firefighting that features hilarious accounts of what he’s experienced in the “strange world of the firehouse itself,” including everything from wild stories of shower antics to elaborate practical jokes.

Another gut-buster is “Quick!  How Do You Dial 9-1-1?” This compilation has oodles of laughs and tears from a career spanning 20 years, as well as recounts of many strange, funny, and bizarre incidents. True-life firehouse and incident calls are told with author Randy Nickerson's wry and self-deprecating humor, with a side dose of empathy for people who are having a "really bad day."

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