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It's no secret that firefighters have a special relationship with their food. Maybe it’s because they need to prepare their own meals, while often working long hours at the firehouse. You've heard the old adage that practice makes perfect - but, did you know that a little bit of peer pressure has been known to be the inspiration of some of the best meals in town?

Firefighters cook. Spending much of their time at the firehouse - they have to. Many times they take turns making dinner and purchasing groceries for food. Balanced meals are best since a great deal of energy is expended on their main task: fighting fires. The meal in preparation before the alarm sounds must be one the guys can come back to if they need to leave the station. During major fires, other firefighters will finish cooking the food and leave it for the other guys when they return. It's called fraternal courtesy.

Firefighters Bookstore brings you a little bit of firefighter humor and a lot of great recipes from authors like Cruz Macias and Rip Esseltyn, and R.G. "Bob" Adams. Because they realize that staying healthy and eating a balanced meal is integral to each firefighter's performance, these authors have come up with practical and economical ways to eat on the run.

Fireman Favorites is a collection of recipes put together by a fireman for firemen or anyone else looking to learn new recipes. Engine 2 Diet is a life-saving guide to losing weight. After learning that a few of his fellow firefighters developed high cholesterol because they lacked the proper nutrition in their diets, Esseltyn created his plant-based program. He also gives helpful tips for stocking upon foods

that remove the panic from cravings and spur-of-the-moment meals, as well as an easy exercise program to increase metabolism and get rid of fat.

If you're looking for a good "home-cooked" meal made right at the station or anywhere else—minus all of the fat and salt—then Anna Terra's Hot: Firehouse Meals That Sizzle is for you. Or if adventure is more your style, then Planet Barbecue! 309 Recipes, 60 Countries is sure to tangle and tease the taste buds! With foods from South Africa to Seoul, Korea, these meals are sure to satisfy even the most finicky food enthusiasts.

If they say laughter is the best medicine-we've got a few tales of firefighter humor that are sure to tickle the ribs. B-Shifter, is a collection of memories and firefighter tales that are guaranteed to be slapstick funny. Nick Brunicini blends the camaraderie and bonds created by firefighters with quick firefighter savvy wit. If don't mind laugh-out-loud humor, then B-Shifter is the book for you.

Other books like What's the Number for 9-1-1 ? America's Wackiest 9-1-1 Calls, 2nd Edition was written because the first edition wasn't wacky enough! Former Saturday Night Live writer, Leland Gregory, provides a bit of comic relief with some of the zaniest calls made to 9-1-1.

On a more serious note, More Firefighting Lore by W. Fred Conway, is a book of bizarre events that actually occurred in firefighting history. Get all of the best firefighter cooking and humor books, right here at Firefighters Bookstore.

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