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The International Fire Service Training Association (IFSTA) is an organization of fire service professionals who are committed to improving firefighting techniques and safety through training. To accomplish its goal, the IFTSA identifies the need for additional training materials and produces publications that address the need. IFTSA publications address a broad range of topics that apply to numerous firefighting positions and jobs associated with firefighting.

The Firefighters Bookstore carries a great selection of IFTSA titles that assist firefighters with passing department exams, meeting continuing education requirements, and training for new positions. Whether you are studying to become a first time firefighter, need to refresh your firefighting knowledge as a departmental mandate, or are veteran of the force who is planning for career advancement, the following IFTSA materials will assist you in achieving your goals.


IFTSA manuals are geared toward a variety of firefighting positions, including: entry-level firefighter, fire investigator, fire chief, and aerial apparatus driver/operator, to name a few. Manuals are also dedicated to specific disciplines such as marine firefighting, urban search and rescue, structural firefighting, and foam firefighting. IFTSA manuals are up to date, affordable, and packed with illustrated information that helps you learn quickly. Check them out today!

Study Guides

Study guides from IFTSA help students pass fire service training exams and acquire field knowledge for a variety of positions, including: entry-level firefighter, fire chief, safety officer, and pumping apparatus driver, among others. Study guides are also created for specific disciplines such as marine firefighting, hazardous materials first response, aircraft rescue, and fire detection. These study guides are concise, easy to understand resources for those who target a specific position or discipline.

Workbooks & Skills Drills

Firefighters Bookstore has IFTSA workbooks and skills drills that feature a range of information on different topics, including: essential firefighting skills, hazardous materials management, code enforcement, and aerial apparatus driving/operation, to name a few. Some workbooks have a sturdy, water-resistant design that makes them ideal to use as teaching tools in the field.  Illustrated with how-to photographs, these materials are great for fire service training and for facilitating hands-on education.

Additional Materials

The IFTSA also produces educational packages for instructors and fire station libraries. Acquiring these resources allows fire departments to provide firefighters with easy access to dynamic learning materials that can be studied during down time at the station between dispatches. To learn about the new IFTSA publications we receive, sign up for the E-News program on our homepage today and start getting information about new titles in your inbox. 

Get Educated Today

Supported by fire safety professionals around the globe, The IFTSA creates dynamic educational materials that help firefighters pass exams, learn the latest firefighting strategies, and succeed in fire service training for a variety of positions. Firefighters Bookstore carries a broad range of IFTSA titles that are ideal for sharpening firefighters’ skills and helping them acquire new ones. To receive email updates about new IFTSA titles, sign up for our free E-News program today.

For more information about our IFTSA publications, browse through the Publishers section of our website, or call us today at (800) 727-3327.

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