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The International Fire Service Training Association (IFSTA) is a group of fire service professionals that improves firefighting tactics by providing educational resources. Instead of simply publishing educational materials that firefighters are known to use, the IFSTA publishes training manuals, study guides, workbooks, and other materials after it identifies a need for them. Consequently, their publications are some of the most useful ones for firefighting training.

IFSTA / fire protection IFSTA Training Manuals
IFSTA training manuals cover a broad spectrum of firefighting topics including: essentials of firefighting, aerial apparatus driver/operator, aircraft rescue, building construction, and fire detection and suppression systems—just to name a few. If you need IFSTA / fire protection manuals, Firebooks is the best place to find them. We carry numerous IFSTA / fire protection manuals that will help you pass your career exams and succeed at working in the field.

Resources for Beginners
If you just started studying to become a firefighter, there are several IFSTA publications that can help you achieve your career goals. The publisher offers several editions of the essentials of firefighting including: Essentials of Fire Fighting, 5th Edition; Essentials of Firefighting, 6th Edition; Essentials of Fire Fighting and Fire Department Operations, 5th Edition; Essentials of Fire Fighting Department and Fire Department Operations, 6th Edition; and more.

IFSTA / fire protection These manuals familiarize firefighters with the essential aspects of fighting fires and operating within the incident management system of the fire department. Perfect educational resources for beginners, these manuals also make great reference materials for veteran firefighters who wish to revisit basic information about fighting fires and the operation of the department. Visit our online store today, and order the IFSTA training manuals that address your educational needs.

Resources for Veterans
IFSTA also publishes a broad selection of titles for veterans who are interested in advancing their career beyond Firefighter I and Firefighter II. Key resources for veterans of the department include the following training manuals among others: Aerial Apparatus Driver/Operator Handbook, 2nd Edition; Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting, 5th Edition; Hazardous Materials for First Responders, 4th Edition; and Fire Inspection and Code Enforcement, 7th Edition.

IFSTA / fire protection As you progress in your career as a firefighter, you may become interested in acquiring new skills to prepare for career advancement or to meet the evolving educational requirements for a certain position. If so, the IFSTA’s expansive library of educational resources is the perfect resource for acquiring the information you need. Whether you are a new firefighter or a veteran, using IFSTA training manuals equips you with information that gives you more career mobility.

Start Learning Today
There are plenty of firefighting training manuals to choose from, but manuals from the IFSTA are tough to beat in terms of up-to-date information, applicability to the subject in question, and price. Firebooks carries over 15  IFSTA / fire protection manuals, and our library of IFSTA / fire protection resources is constantly expanding. If you are ready to learn new information to advance your skill set, visit our online store today and order the training manuals you need.

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