When fire strikes, the setting and circumstances bring on great variations in the course of the blaze, and how firefighters will deal with bringing it under control. A house fire brings with it one set of issues and protocol. A forest fire calls on a whole different skill and training set for fire fighters set with bringing a fast-moving blaze under control. Finally, fire that breaks out in an industrial setting is a whole other type of emergency that calls on a whole other kind of training and firefighting skill.

Industrial fires are a particular type of emergency. That’s why The Firefighters Bookstore has dedicated a section of its site to books dealing with the issues that confront firefighters set with this kind of emergency. From specifics of electrical control to industrial fire brigade training, the books in this section are geared to help train and educate emergency professionals dealing with these kinds of potentially lethal situation. Let’s take a look at the selection of books offered here.

Industrial Emergency Services Training: Incipient level, 2nd Level, by ISTA, is an invaluable manual devoted to educating industrial emergency services personnel who must fight incipient fires as well as creates procedures and training for industrial fire brigades. This book provides outlines for professionally recommended procedures while also leaving room for tailoring those plans to the various situations that may occur in an emergency.

Industrial Exterior and Interior Fire Brigades, 1st Edition, by ISTA, is a highly detailed handbook filled with information and procedural recommendations for management personnel and firefighters involved in advanced interior and exterior fire control in industrial settings. The book provides a wealth of information on training and specific industrial emergency situations, making it an ideal choice for first responders seeking to enhance their education. Multiple chapters touch on a wide range of topics including protective equipment, water supply, search and rescue, portable fire extinguishers and much more.

Industrial Fire Brigade: Principles and Practices, by IAFC, NFPA, addresses the sophisticated competencies required of those who work in emergency industrial situations. These firefighters are expected to learn and maintain a skillset that is very different than that required of fire personnel in non-industrial settings. This detailed handbook provides a wealth of information critical for fire fighters dealing with fires in industrial, workplace settings. The book also includes detailed information pertaining to the four different levels of industrial fire brigades, and the training and expectations for each level. This book also provides all the information required for compliance with OSHA regulations pertaining to industrial fire brigades. This manual is an essential part of the industrial fireman’s training library.

In our modern world, industrial fires and accidents are more and more a part of the dangers the workplace presents. That’s why it’s critical that industrial firefighters have the information and skills needed to deal with dangers of fires in these settings. The Firefighters Bookstore is happy to support our dedicated industrial firefighters by provided the invaluable information found in this section of the site. Check out the complete selection.

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