Fire Department Instructor & Training Officer

The fire department training officer serves a vital function.. They make sure the team is instructed in proper methods of firefighting and safety, and that the squad is compliant with local, state and federal regulations, as well as insurance company requirements.

Firefighting takes a lot of skill. Instruction and training officers teach a wide range of tactics, including driver training, special hazards, technical rescuing in confined spaces or trenches, first aid, asbestos, incident command, and many more topics. They must be a good teacher and make sure the skills are understood.  Firefighters are often in life-threatening situations, and they need to instantly react to any problems. That comes only with repeated training.

Firefighters Bookstore has put together a world class collection of manuals that will introduce the requirements to novices hoping to become instructors, and buttress the training veteran instructors and training officers already possess.

Among the collection’s highlights:

  • Fire Service Instructor: Principles and Practice, Second Edition provides up-to-date information required to meet and exceed the modern job performance requirements for a fire department training officer. The second edition is supported by a suite of digital course management and student assessment resources. The book has been updated to include coverage of Fire Service Instructor Levels I, II, and III, including expanded emphasis on cultural diversity, bias, and discrimination in the development and delivery of training.

  • A Practical Guide to Teaching in the Fire Service is a resource filled with the day-to-day information needed to teach a successful class, including how to write a complete outline and lesson plan, how to reach different groups of people, how to handle difficult issues such as discipline and class control, and even how to dress.

  • Instructional Methods for Public Safetycovers the latest educational trends and information on emergency services instruction. Based on the current National Guidelines for Educating EMS Instructors by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and encompassing the recommendations of the EMS Education Standards, the book offers new and experienced instructors concise guidance on the development of high-quality, interactive educational and assessment tools.  

The Ultimate Firefighters Resource

Firefighters Bookstore has been providing resources to the firefighting and emergency responder communities for over a quarter century. Our collection is the most comprehensive library on firefighting and emergency responder training, tactics and lifestyle in the world.  Our books, videos, CD-ROMS and other information are the perfect gift for the fire department training officer in your life, as well as those interested in the field in general.

Firefighters Bookstore can provide guidance if you wish to enhance your own community or school library offerings on this important sector of public management.

Firefighters Bookstore also prides itself on customer service. Our shopping cart is Veri-Sign secured, so always shop with confidence that your order is completely private. If your order is in stock and placed before 4:15pm PST, we ship the order out that day. Call us at 714-375-4888 or email us at, or visit to see our complete line of product offerings.

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