Fire Investigation Books

The incredible destruction wreaked by fire can often challenge human comprehension. Fires begin and then burn quickly, often consuming everything in their path, growing ever larger as the blaze feeds on the fuel contained in a building or forest. There’s no question that a large fire is an awesome thing to behold.

Yet behind every fire is the reality of what really happened during the blaze; what was destroyed, who was involved, and how, ultimately, it started. Getting to the bottom of how a major fire starts is all part of a fire investigator’s job. The crucial information about what led to the start of a disastrous fire is of critical importance in prevention as well as in crime solving. This is all part of the investigator’s task, and it’s why ongoing education is so critical who those who take on this important job.

The Firefighter’s Bookstore offers a wide selection of books that offer extensive information about fire scene investigation, forensics and other key aspects of researching the causes and effects of a fire scene.

One of the compelling investigation books included here is Kirk’s Fire Investigation, 7th Edition, written by top forensic scientist John DeHaan and forensic fire engineering expert David Icove. Their book takes readers on a journey from initial collection of fire scene evidence to evaluation and then on to expert testimony. This book includes a wealth of information on forensics as well as fire dynamics and is considered a foundational book in this field of study.

Fire Investigation by Russell K. Chandler presents the logical progression of a fire investigation in a way that is readable, engaging and understandable. This is a great book for new and training investigators, as well as a great refresher text for seasoned professionals.

Accidental or Incendiary by R.A. Fitch and E.A. Porter is a well-written book that takes the reader through every twist and turn of an investigation, on the road to determining the real cause of a real fire. Highly readable and very entertaining!

Electrical fires are highly dangerous situations that seem to have a life all their own. Electrical Fire Analysis by Robert A. Yereance is an easy-to-read yet highly detailed analysis of the elements of an electrical fire. The many topics covered in this very informative book include the ways fire can be started, clues to the causes of an electrical fire, evidence gathering and record keeping, plus common electrical components often involved in fire initiation. This book is an excellent informational tool used for arson cases as well as insurers and electrical component manufacturers.

The books contained in this section offer a wealth of information valuable to investigators at every level of fire scene analysis, and at every level of experience. From beginners to seasoned professionals, it’s all here at The Firefighter’s Bookstore. Check out the full selection.

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