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The Firefighters Bookstore has the most extensive collection of books geared toward emergency responder legal and labor issues available on the market.

As firefighting has evolved from the days when volunteers showed up to douse blazes with buckets into its current professional age of highly trained officers, the need for planning and administration has never been greater. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects firefighting employment to grow nine percent in the next decade, which will not only increase the number of employees, but also the chances for legal stumbles in various aspects of the job.  

The Firefighters Bookstore collection will allow attorneys, government officials, fire administration staff and other parties to gain a clear understanding of firefighter rights and responsibilities that face this growing profession.

Among the selections:

  • The California Legislature enacted the Firefighters Procedural Bills of Rights Act (“FBOR”) in 2007. This law guarantees various firefighter rights. The FBOR establishes specific requirements for administrative investigations and discipline of firefighters. “The California Firefighter Bill of Rights” takes the emergency responder in your family through the law in an audio CD, detailing the procedures that need to be followed and providing insight on how to create a culture to minimize the need for discipline.

  • “The Rights of Firefighters” covers the employment relationship between a firefighter and his employer. It is written in straightforward, direct language for all those involved in fire protection labor and employment matters. It covers important recent developments in the areas of free speech, residency rules, drug testing, fitness for duty and the Fair Labor Standards Act.

  • “Fire Law: The Liabilities and Rights of the Fire Service” refers to actual court cases to illuminate the issues, facts, court reasoning and dissent over laws affecting firefighters. Such issues as responsibilities under OSHA and other federal regulations, the legal liabilities of EMS workers and the assumption of risk doctrine are all covered.

  • “Fire Service Law” is the first text written for the growing fire administration/officer markets. Author Larry Bennett, a firefighter and attorney, uses case studies to educate about current court opinions from across the nation. These “real world” issues help departments to understand the law and avoid litigation by making better policies.

  • “EMS and the Law” is a primer that details the American legal system as it applies to EMS providers. It provides a basic overview of laws and firefighter rights and describes how they affect EMS.

  • “The Fire Officer’s Legal Handbook” is a searchable CD ROM legal reference that speaks to fire chiefs, officers, municipal officials, emergency managers and attorneys. It explains the current laws as they relate to firefighting and covers such topics as negligence, due process and discipline, Internet privacy, civil liability, employee drug testing, rescue doctrine and much more.

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