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At the Firefighters Bookstore, we're known for our fire safety resources, fire training manuals and chief officer guides. We have books for firefighters, EMTs, paramedics and other rescue professionals, and we work to bring together the most authoritative resources on all aspects of public safety, from whitewater rescue to WMD procedures. However, we're not only about fire safety. In fact, we carry a wide range of firefighter story books, other leisure books, and DVDs, which are every bit as entertaining as they are informative.

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Storytelling is the means through which we learn to understand and connect with the world around us. So when you look at our selection of firefighter story books, novels, mysteries, memoirs and DVDs, you're not just escaping into a world of fun and fascination. You're seeing the world as firefighters see the world, and gaining a unique and valuable perspective into the challenges that they face every day. So whether you're already a firefighter, training to become a firefighter, or just generally curious about how these heroes live their lives, you will be immensely captivated by these works of art.

Firefighter Story Books at Bargain Prices

Best of all, the firefighter story books and DVDs in this section are all sold at our lowest discount prices. So you can stock up on the most exciting narratives and films without breaking the bank. Purchase some as gifts for the people you love, or just immerse yourself in the captivating world of fire rescue. You won't find better prices on more engaging firefighter resources, and we're sure that once you start exploring these intense page-turners, you'll immediately get hooked.

We have stories about the brave firefighters who risked—and in some cases, sacrificed—their lives on 9/11; we have firsthand accounts of the terrifying challenges involved in fighting mountain brush fires; we have stories about earthquakes, stories about inspiring rescues, and even stories about Hurricane Katrina. These narratives won't just influence the way you look at firefighters. They will shock you, they will take your breath away, and they will forever change you.

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While you're here, be sure also to explore the other sections of our site. We carry additional novels, memoirs, DVDs and educational resources that cover every conceivable aspect of firefighting and rescue. From fire chief responsibilities to negotiation tactics, you'll be amazed by the broad scope of topics offered on this site. If you have friends who are passionate about firefighting or firefighters in general, you'll want to share it with them as well.

At Firefighters Bookstore, we strive to be your ultimate resource for affordable, high-quality firefighting books. Check back often to keep updated on our ever-changing inventory, and please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Shop now, and broaden your horizons with the ultimate in firefighter entertainment and information.

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